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Jun 26, 2008 09:50 AM

steamship authority, hyannis and beyond

we're going to nantucket for a couple days, taking the steamship authority ferry from hyannis.

once we park our car in hyannis and wait for the ferry, anyplace w/in walking distance to get a good lobster roll or other delicious and simple local lunch fare to eat on the ferry? (i suppose we could also pick something up, driving to the ferry parking area--we'll be driving from wellfleet)

ditto, when we leave the ferry in hyannis at the end of our trip and are heading home to ct, any place to stop along the way for good, simple new england fare (clams, etc.)?

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  1. On the other side of the marina is Ocean St. See if Raw Bar opened yet. It is next to Hy Line. THE BEST lobster roll. Share one.....driving from Wellfleet, stop in Eastham at Friendly Fisherman.

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    1. re: luci

      Thanks. Any idea when Raw Bar is due to open next to Hy Line? And what's especially good at the Friendly Fisherman?

      1. re: milltowngirl

        Call the Raw Bar in Popponesett and ask Bob. FF is far from the SA, IMHO. About 45 min.