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Jun 26, 2008 09:49 AM

Best Oyster Poboy?

Hello fellow chowhounders,

My husband and I have recently moved into the city from Austin, TX. I'm from here, but have been away for ten years, and my husband's from the midwest. Anyway, we are on a quest to find the perfect oyster poboy. Please write in your recommendations. We'll go out and sample all the poboys recommended and then write in about our opinions of them and comparisons.

So please, write in and tell us: WHO HAS THE BEST OYSTER POBOY IN NEW ORLEANS?

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  1. Casamento's is closed during the summer, but I would say that they have the best fried oyster poboy I have eaten (perfectly fried, great bread). When I lived there a few years back, I tried many different oyster poboys out - and theirs was the best - by far! As an alternative, I would suggest Domilise's.

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      Oh man, closed until September! Well, we'll try them in September! We've had Domilise's before, but for the purpose of experimentation, we'll have to go again to compare with other recommendations.

    2. Please take a drive down Hiway 11 to Captain Humbles. For roast beef I stick with Parasols and Parkway Bakery, but I will drive a spell for the oyster po-boy at Captain Humbles.

      1. Love, love love the oyster poboy at Franky & Johnny's at 321 Arabella St., in the Irish Channel neighborhood, I believe......

        1. The Galley - Metairie Road
          Ye olde College Inn

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            I tend to think of Ye Olde College Inn for their fried chicken. Have never tried their oyster po-boy. If it's as good as the chicken *was* then I might have missed a good one.

            As for the Galley, I have gotten many recs., and have tried it on a couple of occasions. I have yet to find anything that I'd go back for. Have not tried the oyster po-boy, so I might not have experienced their strength. All of our experiences have been for dinner, and we've been underwhelmed. The recs. came for folk, who do know good food, so we tried it more than we should have, based on our dining there. Right now, I just do not get it.


          2. Wow, these are all great suggestions! My husband and I will have to get to work trying them out!