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Jun 26, 2008 09:46 AM

Pescatarian: frogs legs?

I've been a Pescatarian (or fish-eating vegetarian) for 26 years, but have never run into the occasion to have frogs legs - until last night. I like to set my own rules when it comes to what is included in my diet - snails are OK, but I detest shark - but was stumped on how I felt about frogs legs. My rule of thumb had always been 'nothing with four legs' but frogs start out sort of as fish.

As it turns out, I sampled a leg and was turned off by the bone. BONE!. New rule - nothing with bones bigger than a pin bone.

Anyone have this same conundrum with their (traditional meat-less) diet?

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  1. Ditto - pescatarian, tried frogs legs - found them nauseating.

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    1. re: Peg

      I'm an omnivore and the most common description of the taste of frog legs (like so many other things ) is that it "tastes like chicken."

      So sorry neither of you liked them. They've actually been a favorite of mine since childhood.

    2. Do we need a new appellation? Is someone who eats frog legs an amphibivore?

      1. Almost everyone draws the line at what they'll eat and not. Do you need hard and fast rules or can you play it by ear? It's not just a meat-less situation. Few meat eaters eat every kind of animal but don't have a rule of thumb.

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        1. re: chowser

          I don't need a hard rule but I was wondering if anyone else in the Pesce realm had run across this situation.

        2. This is going to sound nuts, but there used to be a resto outside Chicago in Calumet City, Philip Smidt's that was known for 3 things, fried chicken, perch or frog legs. My husband got the chicken, I got the fish and my little kids, they were in elementary school at the time adored the frog's legs. The resto had a big black, white & red theme with the frog legs, pictures of them were everywhere. The kids were given a taste one time early on and they LOVED them.

          We moved away from Chicago 10 years ago and I understand the resto closed a few years back. The kids haven't had frog legs since and they would love to have some. So far, none available in Columbus, OH.

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          1. re: Diane in Bexley

            Ah, Phil Schmidt's.

            The restaurant's color theme was worse than you remember -- basically pink and black -- but the food was, in its day, fresh and delicious. And yes, it is where I, as a child, first tasted and learned to love frogs legs.

            In its later years it never seemed to be as good as I had remembered it as a child and it seemed to be terribly overpriced. May it rest in peace.

            1. re: chicgail

              fried fish, frog legs, hush puppies and onion rings over a coleman...thats camping!