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Miami caterers?

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Not sure if I am allowed to ask about catering companies here, but if so, does anyone have recommendations for Miami/Miami Beach area? Thanks. (Not Barton G, please!)

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  1. Mena, Pepe Luzarrago, Joy Wallace, Junior's Catering.

    1. Whisk Gourmet Food & Catering in Coral Gables has done a few events for friends of mine and they do a great job. www.whiskgourmet.com

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        I second and third Whisk. If the budget is healthy, Touch does a good job.

      2. I second the Joy Wallace recommodation. They catered my wedding and it was amazing!!


        1. Ditto Joy Wallace and Whisk.

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            Whatever you do don't use Thierry's.

          2. http://www.eggwhitescatering.com/

            Does a great job!

            1. Food by Chef Lars... They are amazing people, give amazing service, beautiful food, work with your budget as needed... I can't say enough.