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Jun 26, 2008 08:59 AM

St. Michaels and Tilghman Island

I am going for the 4th of July weekend - anyone have any good food recs high and low end? Thanks!

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  1. You might search the threads, I go every now and then as a day trip and really enjoy the coffee shop behind the general store in St. Michaels for coffee and coffee related stuff, and I like key lime cafe for a light brunch/lunch.

    But you might search for other good recs, there are also some really nice restaurants a few miles away in Easton you might seach for.

    1. Check out Harrison's Inn on Tilghman. The back deck is great and very low key.

      1. Bistro St Michael's is very good, and 208 Talbot almost as good--the bar has a nice menu and you can order there from the main dining room also

        1. We stopped at Bay Hundred Restaurant and Tiki Bar (yes, the name nearly scared me away, along with the geriatric dining room). But we found the bar area, a good local beer on tap (forget the name), and a really great shrimp po-boy, steamed clams, and crab cake sandwich. The locals in the bar added some more character to the place.

          The menu was not overly inspiring, but the sandwiches (esp. the shrimp po-boy) and fresh, local seafood items are good. Reasonable prices.

          If you're there for a long weekend, it might be worth trying out for lunch or a light dinner one day.

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            that place is actually right next to our hotel! thanks for the recs I will have to try the po-boy

          2. High end - the TIlghman Island Inn is fabulous.