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Jun 26, 2008 08:46 AM

Texas Pie Company

Boy I called Texas Pie Company in Kyle and they have really rude staff. Felt like I was interrogated I was considering buying some of their pies. I will never ever use them as a place to buy pies. Collin Street Bakery will continue to be the best place to get my favorite Pecan Pie. Collins Street has a chocolate Pecan Pie that is absolutely the best.

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  1. Oh Angel .... I agree. Collin Street Bakery will surely be named a suspect if I die from a sugar overload! Their fruitcake is worth eating year round, and every time I drive from Houston to Dallas I have to strongly resist the urge to pull over in Corsicana for my"fix".

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      Tell me about it I have to pick up pies there twice during the 4th once going to the get together I'm going to and coming back for my family. So much for my diet if I had to die killed by a Collin Street Pecan Pie is the way to go. It's worth the trip to Corisicana

    2. You know, I LOVE the TX Pie Co pies. Just love 'em. I've had nearly every fruit pie and their chocolate pies. I think they excel at fruit pies--I'd describe them as sweet but not cloying, with a crust that holds up to and balances them.
      On one occasion, I did call them to find out hours or something, and the person I talked to was really rude--as if I had no business wanting to know when they were open. But they've always been nice when I've gone in the shop.
      So my points are this: (1) don't knock em until you've tried em, please; and (2) if anyone from TPC is out there, it would not kill you to be nice on the phone, dangit.

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      1. re: rusty_s

        So I am willing to drive 60 miles not based on a first impression Sorry Gas is to expensive now for rudeness not to have a impact on my decision.

      2. I got excited when you mentioned a bakery (Collin Street) I hadn't heard of. I've been craving chocolate pie lately (good old fashioned chocolate, not chocolate pecan). Then I mapquested Corsicana and found out it's 150 miles away. Not to mention, Collin St doesn't have regular chocolate pie. So, maybe enduring rudeness is worth the $40 savings in gas. At least now I have options.

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        1. re: stephanieh

          well never said they have chocolate pie but they have chocolate pecan pie as well as pecan pie. It's on the way to the Dallas area but their pies and fruit cakes are world famous If you ever get up there Stephanie it's worth it and I think they also order on their website so you don't have to drive.

          1. re: stephanieh

            Stephanieh, you should really try the pies at Monument Cafe in Georgetown. It's certainly not a 150 mile drive. I've never had a dessert there that hasn't made me want for more. One of my favorites is the Black Bottom Banana Pie. It looks like a traditional banana cream pie except there is a layer of fudgy goodness hiding under the custard. I have dreams about it. Their website is updated daily with the specials and desserts of the day.


            1. re: yum72

              Yum72, that was the perfect solution! I'd wanted to get my chocolate pie "fix" without having to buy a whole pie for the two of us to eat at home. AND, I'd been wanting to try Monument Cafe for quite some time and never remembered it. We went for a late lunch today, and had the Monument Chocolate Pie with Toasted Pecan Crust. OMG that was good pie. (They didn't have your Black Bottom Banana today, but maybe next time). Their chocolate pie was reeeeally chocolately (hubby said it was "like they whipped a candy bar"). I loved that they didn't heap a bunch of whipped cream on top to detract from the chocolate. Also, it didn't seem to really have a crust. There were some toasted pecan pieces scattered in it, but the pie filling itself was directly on the plate (and I resisted licking the plate when I finished... now that's restraint).

              1. re: stephanieh

                glad to hear you enjoyed it, stephanieh.

          2. For pecan pie, I prefer Houston's Goode Company's pecan pie:
            For others - let's not forget our piemakers in Wimberley and Medina - especially the award winnin', made the Food Network, apple pie in Medina

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            1. re: xalapenocharlie

              I'll have to take a look at those also Can you order by the internet on those also?

              1. re: angelfoodmaker

                I cannot vouch for this place, but I've heard about it for many years and want to try it someday. Royer's Round Top Cafe in Round Top has online pie orders. I've seen some of their pies sold at the Whole Foods off of Cap. Tx Hwy. around the holidays. Not sure if they are carried there regularly.


                1. re: yum72

                  Royer's apple pie is absolutely to die for. Worth a trip to Round Top.

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