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Jun 26, 2008 08:43 AM

Dirt Cheap but good wines

Hey all -

I am looking for a group of really cheap wines (is $6 an under possible) for large party. We are going to have a lot of it and need to keep costs down. Any advice on this is really welcomed.

Thanks so much.

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  1. $6 is a pretty tough price point for wines that aren't on close out.
    In the $8 price range, for reds try Panarroz Jumilla or Di Majo Norante.
    For whites, there's 1 liter bottles of Terry Thiese-imported gruner veltliner for about $10 or so.
    If those are too much, forget the pretension of fine wine bottles and look for a really good jug or box wine.

    1. My sister served a $3 Pinot Grigio from Walmart at her birthday last weekend - can't remember the name off hand, but it wasn't horrible, when very well chilled.

      1. Cristalino (sp?) Cava is pretty good and Whole Foods has it for 7.99. You get 10% off if you buy 6 or more. Whole Foods had a Chardonnay from Argentina called Valley Shade ( I think) for $3.99 that was perfectly drinkable. More recently, they added a Chilean Chard to their by-the-register collection of cheap wine, but it was not nearly as good (I wouldn't drink it)

        A friend of mine goes to Aldi's, the grocery outlet. He says they buy excess from wineries that don't want to diminish their brands. He says the quality is variable, but you can buy one, pop it in the parking lot, and decide whether you want to stock your party with it or not. This is second hand, can't really vouch for the idea.

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          i've had pretty good sucess using your friend's system:
          buying one, trying it the same afternoon, and going back within hours to get more if it turns out to be good.

          1. re: westsidegal

            This is true. Torres winery, for one, sells to Aldi.

        2. @ $7.99 from World Market I like the '06 Garnacha del Fuego...

          I haven't had it recently, but I always liked the Bodegas Nekas Vega Sindoa Rose, which should be comfortably under $10.

          1. If there is a Costco near you, go check them out. They have a few selections in your price category that would be decent. Nothing great, but drinkable, though. For example they carry the Smoking Loon brand that is under $6 and not bad.