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Jun 26, 2008 08:41 AM

Restaurant and Bar Combo for a Date

I'm looking for a restaurant and bar 1-2 punch for a date next week in the West Village, East Village or Chelsea. Kind of like doing Casa Mono then Cibar, but we've already done that. Any thoughts???

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  1. How about Boqueria and then Flatiron Lounge?

    1. How about Scarpetta and then the Hotel Gansevoort roof bar in the meatpacking district?

      1. blue ribbon bakery followed by blue ribbon wine bar or little branch.

        barbuto followed by turks and frogs

        1. Commerce, Bar Q, Mercadito and then Little Branch
          Little Owl, p*ong, Paris Commune and then El Diablo
          Momofuku, The Smith and then Angel Share