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Jun 26, 2008 08:23 AM

Soft -Shelled Crab Resto Rec?

Besides maki rolls that is.

Can anyone recommend a restaurant serving this and serving this well?


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  1. I was at Milos a couple of years ago for my birthday. Their softshell crab was one of the best I ever had. I can't recall the price... alls I remember is it was quite expensive (problem with many birthdays...memory starts to ebb) but worth every penny.
    We usually get a few as table appetizers when eating in chinatown at Beijing. Not extraordinary, but very tasty indeed.

    1. Au Pied de Cochon has it in their menu, and will serve it depending on the availability. I must admit, I never tried it, but it looked damn good while traveling to the next table.

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        Just had the softshell at APdC this week; I had it served tempura-ed with a fish/soy sauce dipping sauce. Delish!

      2. Not exactly deliciousness to write home about, but there is soft-shell crab featured on the a volonte menu at Odaki Sushi, if you want to totally pig out on it. It's simply battered and fried and sliced into 5 pieces with a salty dipping sauce (I think something like broth, IIRC).

        Odaki Restaurant Japonais
        3977 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W1Y4, CA