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Jun 26, 2008 08:17 AM

Ready-made dough for baking samosas?

I'm thinking of making samosas this weekend but I don't want to deal with sprays of hot flying oil, hence the baking. I'm also horrible with homemade baked goods (plus we're out of flour).

What are the best ready-made doughs and sheets (phyllo, puff, spring roll, etc.) you've had experience with for making samosas or similar foods? How did the texture come out, and how hot/long did you bake them?


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  1. I like making samosas with phyllo dough. I know it's not traditional, but I like to bake them to keep them healthier, plus I like the flakiness of the phyllo. I did not use this for a filling recipe, but I did use their strategy for how to work with/bake them:

    Hope this helps!

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      Ooh, this sounds good (not so much the filling, but the pastry). Do you know if I can get them at common grocers, like Vons/Ralphs?

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        Phyllo dough should be available in any typical grocery store in the frozen food section. We've never had a problem getting it. Good luck!

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          Thanks! Saves me a farther trip to an ethnic grocer.

    2. My Indian friend says her mom's friends cheat by using flour tortillas. Pick the size you want, slice a round in half, and use a little flour+water paste to seal the edges after you place your filling. Then deep fry. If you're baking, I would suggest brushing with a litle oil or butter to get that crispy oily exterior.

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        Wow! This thread is filled with great ideas! Thanks a lot to all.

        It's a cold and foggy day today here in the SF Bay Area, and samosas and lentil soup sound great.

        And always remember, as Mark Twain said (repeat after me): "The coldest winter I ever spent was one summer in San Francisco."

      2. I was just in a Indian cooking class and we used wonton wrappers for mini-samosas. Instead of the traditional triangle shape, We squeezed each on into a little purse. They held together well.

        1. Won ton skin will work just fine. If you want a large samosas you can use spring rolls wrapper but in the past won ton skin work just fine. If there is a choice on thickness get the medium one since you are baking them.

          1. a lebanese friend uses pillsbury refrigerated crescent rolls to make quick meat pies or spinach pies. along these lines for technique: (which looks like a great recipe for artichoke cheese appetizer, in its own right).

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              Oh, this is a really good idea too (that I didn't think of at all!). I think I'll go with this because I know how the refrigerated crescent rolls taste (they are really delicious) and it saves me the guesswork out of using another type of dough.


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                naked z, i used the crescent rolls to make spinach pies yesterday. dough is too sweet, imo. plus, too bready. i will use the pillsbury refrigerated pie crust dough next time (same as i use for quiche). ( comes two rolls to a box, individually wrapped in plastic).