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Local Yogurt?

I love yogurt, and eat it nearly every morning for breakfast, so I would love to find a local source. I usually buy Stonyfield Farms yogurt, which is actually relatively local (Londonberry, NH). I recently picked up a booklet about Massachusetts dairy farms at Whole Foods, but the only one mentioned that produces yogurt is Sidehill Farms in Ashfield, MA, which is about twice as far away as Londonberry, NH (I am in Newton). According to the Sidehill Farms website, their yogurt isn't sold anywhere much closer to me, either.

Does anyone know of any other local dairy farms that make yogurt? I might start making my own yogurt from local milk, but last time I tried I was less than thrilled with the results.

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  1. Russo's in Watertown and Wilson Farms in Lexington both sell yogurt that isn't exactly local, but regional from Vermont or New York. Wilson's has a water buffalo yogurt that is to die for.

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      I wonder if that's the same Vermont water buffalo yogurt I get at Whole Foods.

    2. I would think that a call to either of the Formaggio Kitchen locations may be able to point you in the right direction.

      1. I know Ashfield is pretty far away from Boston, but as a resident, I have to say Sidehill Farm's yogurt is absolutely delicious. It's too bad yogurt doesn't freeze well. At the very least, you should come out here some time and try it. While you're at it, you can get some of their raw milk and cream as well.

        1. Bufala di Vermont is based in South Woodstock, Vermont and makes amazing water buffalo yogurt. It's distributed by Whole Foods.

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            lionette's market in the south end has vermont milk co yogurt, which is made from milk from vermont family farms. it's smaller scale than stoneyfield for sure. also, i haven't tried but just heard about sophia's homemade yogurt at a place called sophia's in bemont. i also really support the excellent yogurt and cool farming practices of butterworks farm (whole foods/harvest coops in jp and cambridge).

          2. I recently heard a commercial for Columbo that *implied* that they make it in Methuen, and always have done so. What they probably really said was that they were based there. A moot point anyway, as Columbo's sucks!

            1. Try the Dairy Bar at Kickass cupcakes, I haven't been since they first opened it but I got some of their home made creme fraishe and it was yummy.

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                A few days ago I got yogurt there from Silvery Moon Cheese of Westbrook, ME (http://www.silverymooncheese.com/inde...) . Near Portland, about 110 miles away according to Google Maps. It's perfectly good yogurt but it doesn't wow me like Old Chatham's sheep yogurt or the goat yogurt that Liberte used to have.

              2. I make my own yogurt in a slow cooker - 1 gallon milk (I use 1%) to 1 quart buttermilk. Just keep it on 'low' for several hours, then set to 'keep warm' and enjoy delicious yogurt in a day or so.

                1. I would keep an eye out at farmer's markets. Lots of local dairies at markets with fresh milk, cream, cheese and yogurt. Even saw raw products this week.

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                    Where did you see that? In the Boston-area markets I go to (primarily Copley Square and Brookline) I have only seen cheeses.

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                      Unfortunately for OP I saw up in Exeter, NH farmer's market. But as the demand increases, small dairy farms are taking the opportunity to sell straight-to-consumer at markets.

                      localharvest.org lists some dairy farms and markets

                  2. Last summer, I visited the Old Chatham Sheepherding Company in Old Chatham, New York, pretty close to the Massachusetts border. They produce cheese and yogurt (http://blacksheepcheese.com/yogurt_fa...) from their own flock of sheep, and it's extraordinary stuff. The plain and maple varieties are available at Whole Foods Markets in the Boston area. Unfortunately, I haven't found the ginger flavor in Eastern Mass, although it is on the shelves at Guido's in the Berkshires--as well as at the farm itself, and at some farmer's markets in the Berkshires.

                    1. Not entirely local, but Russo's carries Liberté from Quebec. I absolutely love it.. the flavour is great and it doesn't contain gelatin thickeners.


                      1. The homemade yogurt from Sophia's Pantry in Belmont is excellent.

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                          If you go to Sofia's, you need to ask for her homemade yogurt. It's stored in the private walk-in fridge in the back of the store and not with the other yogurts that are in the self-serve refrigerators.

                          Sofia's yogurt is very tangy and thick and creamy and delicious.

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                            I went to Sophia's yesterday and learned that the yogurt is made with 2% milk and it's a combination of sheep and goat's milk.

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                            Agreed. It should be noted that this is "Sophia's Greek Pantry", and the yogurt is Greek-style. We've found it to be better and cheaper than any of the packaged alternatives we have tried.

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                              Yes! I'm so glad someone said Sofia's....and South End Formaggio carries it (and can always order it if not in stock...), though I'm not sure about the Cambridge location...

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                                Formaggio in Cambridge does carry it.

                            2. Yes Rouxmaker! Russo's in Watertown carries True Yogurt from Vermont. It's excellent!! My favorite.