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Jun 26, 2008 07:29 AM

New French Deli "L' EPICERIE" Calgary

Great new deli owned and operated by Dominique Moussu

Just opened this week right next to Manuel Latruwe's Beligian Bakery

in the Calibaut Chocolate Mall off McLeod Tr. S

the correct address is 1325 1st St. SE....

It only opened this week and its has great French Deli food...WOW!

give it a try

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  1. ccds:

    What constitutes "French Deli food"? I am assuming pate, cornichons, nicoise olives but what else?

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      I ventured down there today and was greeted warmly by Dominique Moussu, who offered samples of pate, duck, and jambon. The deli case had an assortment of pates, foie gras, duck confit, fiddleheads, little asparagus, cured meats, cheeses (Brillat Savarin, chevrot, bocconcini, camembert, etc.). They also make sandwiches. There were also items on the shelves (Evian, fleur de sel, biscuits, vinegars, mustards, etc.) and an assortment of spices. Also, they had some organic produce.

      Dominique said that they just opened a few days ago. Hopefully, there will be even more of an assortment of goods soon. I also asked if they had any idea when Manuel Latruwe would open, and they said perhaps in 3 or so weeks.

      1. re: Fid

        Thanks for the additional info Fid....

        Probably just as well that I live in Edmonton...I would be spending too much on duck confit alone...........sounds interesting...much like Choux, Choux in Victoria....

        1. re: Bob Mac

          It looks like even more variety than Choux Choux! I'll be over there tomorrow.

        2. re: Fid

          just finishing up my sandwich - it's delicious, jambon, fresh tomato, grainy mustard, lettuce on a tasty fresh black olive bread. I got to try some ham and gruyere quiche, all the pates, the jambons and a baby madelene...everything was great but a bit pricey. I'm ok with paying more for quality food but $14 for a sandwich and no sides is starting to get up there.

          i will definitely be back though.

          1. re: pants

            Wonderful shop - fresh morels, fiddleheads, aromatic spices, wonderful pates, madeleines and macarons. I had the sausage roll for an eat and run lunch and bought a nice little slab of pate - $14 total. It is superior quality, to say the least.

            1. re: sarah galvin

              those sausage rolls looked amazing!!

          2. re: Fid

            I popped by right after the lunch hour to pick up a sandwich. I have to admit, i was shocked at the prices. The quality looked fantastic, and i got a bag of the fresh fried potato chips (very tasty), but i have a difficult time justifying that kind of price for most of those kinds of dishes.

            Maybe it's the cheapness in me, or maybe i don't make enough money, but i don't see myself shopping there regularly at all. Maybe once a year for a treat.

            1. re: yen

              But isn't it a wonderful treat ;)

              1. re: sarah galvin

                I won't argue that at all. Definitely that. I guess i just wish it was a bit more affordable so i could go more often.

        3. Yes, details, please! What did you eat, what did you like?

          1. There's a l'epicerie on just about every street corner in Quebec since it simply means "grocery"...which vary from a corner deppaneur (cheap wine, smokes, and staples) to the larger metros and provigos....

            Add me to the list of people requiring clarification on "french deli food" :)

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            1. re: maplesugar

              Um- with all respect I think some of you are being quite mean. ccds is not a first-time poster and I'm not getting sniff of marketing here- fact is a lot of folks would never know about this place since w/ Latruwe still closed there is little motivation to pull in.

              THANK YOU to ccds for letting us know about this place. I do not care if s/he has been there as a customer; I am perfectly happy checking it out for myself, but might not even be aware of its existence but for posts like this.

              I also think Fid's summary sounds pretty darn "French."

              Come on. Honestly.

              1. re: John Manzo

                "I do not care if s/he has been there as a customer; "
                Me either, just want to know if they have or have not.

            2. I find all the responses really harsh as well, but then I was also threatened with banishment for finding an assertion ridiculous. Clearly I have a ways to go before I grasp board etiquette and culture. I told a Calgary friend about this shop, and he sent me iphotos and is ecstatic about the jambon.

              1. I drove past to see if M.L. was open today and also discovered L'Epicerie. I peered through the window and I will definitely be back. It was intriguing.