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Jun 26, 2008 07:12 AM

Moving to Richardson/Dallas area, looking for good, local food

I'm moving to Richardson for an internship from August to January. I have never really been in the Dallas area before, so I am looking for places to eat over the next few months. I would prefer more local venues with maybe a lower price tag. I also like restaurants that have FRESH food. Restaurants in Richardson, Dallas, or surrounding areas would be great! Thank you for the help and I cant wait to try all of the suggestions!

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  1. If you get over to Fort Worth, Angelos for BBQ!

    Great food! Really honest old-time setting.

    1. The Richardson area has a great concentration of ethnic food (Asian, Middleastern, Indian). If you let us know what you like to eat, we can perhaps make more educated recommendations.

      1. I am not a picky eater at all. I am actually wanting to try more ethnic food. I live in College Station right now and there aren't that many choices for good food ( there are a LOT of chain restaurants, which I am not crazy about). I would love to try some good Indian, Greek, Middleastern, etc. I love Asian food too.

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          see the thread about Plano "east off 75" or whatever. That stuff's all 10 minutes north of you. Otherwise, there's Masami for sushi, Kirin Court for dim sum/Cantonese, lots of other places in the area for specific items that are done well (just search Richardson on this board) ie pho. And make sure you check out the Zaituna supermarket sometime.

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            Hey LaurenAshley, I'd suggest heeding luniz' rec to research these boards and coming up with specific questions. A general quiry like this is just too broad for people to answer. I also went to school at A&M and understand what a culinary wasteland (for the most part) CS and Bryan are. But Dallas is a huge place with a lot of food. Search Richardson or Plano on these boards and you'll find lots of good information.

        2. There is good, cheap Indian at Pasand. You can print off a 50% off coupon at for only $3, which makes it even more afforable. It is on Campbell at Coit in Richardson.

          1. Babes-there are three locations in the area. They were rated a #1 fried chicken by SL. All the food is served family style. I understand the Sanger location has live music and the best atmosphere.

            We like Caravelle in Richardson for Chinese. Its a fun place to go with friends. For good Thai, we like Mango Thai (there is one in Dallas and one in Plano).

            Dallas area-I would recommend Sonny Bryans as the best bbq.