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Jun 26, 2008 07:11 AM

Uncovering fun spots

I am looking for a fun, reasonably priced (~$50pp) restaurant in Village, Soho, LES for next Wednesday night for four 20 somethings. Ive been to a lot of the bigger names, but any fun places to uncover?

I went to Lovely Day on Elizabeth last week, its cheap thai food -- but was really excellent, definitely recommend.

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  1. If you tell us which places you have been to and what you liked, and perhaps some cuisine preferences, we can narrow down from the hundreds of restaurant possibilities.

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    1. re: rrems

      Ok, Shorty's 32, Cafe Havana, Snack, La Palma, Fish, Otto thinking something that has a good atmosphere and fun scene in Village. Maybe Mexican?

      1. re: mfriede

        la palapa,mercadito, barrio chino, la esquina, mexican radio, los dados.........some mexican joints for you.

        1. re: mfriede

          I like Agave for Mexican. It gets some complaints on this board, mainly about service, but the food is very good, and the atmosphere is both lively and comfortable. Aside from Mexican, another fun place is Chow Bar, which is pan-Asian. Bar Blanc is a fun and trendy place with wonderful food, but check their website to see if the prices will fit your budget. Also, if you liked Snack, you might want to try Snack Taverna, which is under the same ownership.

      2. Sea on 2nd Avenue, maybe 4th Street.
        Inexpensive Thai

        1. I would say Lupa, Da Andrea, Paladar