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Jun 26, 2008 06:55 AM

Lunch spots during day hikes around Amalfi coast

Traveling to Rome (per other posts) and spending several days around Amalfi coast and Capri to do day hikes, enjoy beach, see the beautiful scenery with kids (active, age 8, always hungry!) and explore. I think I have the evening dinners planned, as we are staying in Positano (Il Marincanto), and will be driving over to Amalfi and Ravello and other spots that I have already researched. What I don't know is anything about the lunch stops possible at the end of the morning hiking. We have planned several beautiful routes (per the Sunflower Guide), and it looks like we will be in Nocelle, Montepertuso, Santa Maria del Castello, Bomerano, Praiano, Vettica Maggiore, and probably one day trip to Capri. Except for Capri, are these other spots places we can find lunch, or should I plan to just bring sandwiches + in the backpack for picnics??? I know the famous Dona Rosa is in Montepertuso, but such an elegant evening spot won't do -- we will be hot, and in shorts & hiking clothes. Has anyone done these hikes before and found any fun spots to check out for lunch -- or even worth going back to in the evenings?? Any advice would be great!!

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  1. In Praiano, Armandino's on the teeny tiny port is very good - we had an excellent Spaghetti alle Fruitte del Mare (sp?) & an anchovy dish. Someone went recently & complained about the rec, but... it is right on the port, you watch the little fishing boats come & go and check out their catches, there's a rocky beach for the kids to run on, a pretty path round the cliffs where you catch the boat to Capri - I think you'll like it!

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      Torta, Do you know how much a boat to Capri from that port in Praiano costs?

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        The boats travel from Capri to Positano, from there you have to take a bus to Praiano, as far as I know.

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          Sorry, I don't & know I didn't save the receipt - it wasn't all that outrageous... but I do know that we thought it was a direct boat, but it stopped in Positano both directions to pick up many more... It wasn't all that much more than the Positano cost, though.

          Up the road in Praiano proper (I always thought it was a teeny little town just around the port, but we stayed at the Tramonto d'Oro ((highly recommended & much less than 4* Positano hotels)) and I don't think you can easily walk between the two, due to cliffs and that it's really stretched out along the coast - I could be wrong...) Anyway, right up the road from the Tramonto, there are several rooftop patio restaurants with nice views that were quite good & would be fine for the kids - all fairly casual.

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            The ferry from Positano or Amalfi to Capri costs from 14.50 to 17 Euro per person each way.


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            These sound like lovely ideas ... we are very excited to try them all ... when you hike, much less guilt to indulge in these great lunches and dinners!! I'll report back. Ciao!!

          3. Most of the littel hill hamlets, including defnitely Bomerano, Montepertusano NOcello Santa Maria del Castello, and Praiano (not a hill hamlet) have simple restaurants, pizzerias etc. Montepertusanos are quite weill known (two in slowfood) I wouldnt be worried about informal dress if you are hiking in these hilll villages. They are not positano where I would be fashion conscious. I am sitting in a hill village on Lago di Garda right now and all the italian families eating around me are extremely informly dressed (tank tops, shorts, tees, etc. Not a sportscoat in sight. Dont be concerned in these areas.

            Here's a link I found to a place in Santa Maria del Castello in case you wind up up there at lunch time.

            One suggestion, its good to strategize to start your hike at the highest point and walk downward if you can, the Sunflower guide is good at suggesting routes this way. (Bomerano is pretty high- we didnt ultimately make it out of the Ravello area on our recent trip, but I think we planned to start our Sentieri degli Dei with a ride up the Furore canyon to Bomerano and work our way down to a lunch at Nocelle or Montepertuso.

            ps you dont say when you are going. Its pretty hot here in summer - personally I would not want to hike those hot sunny hills in midsummer - if you are doing it, do start good and early in the am (7 or 8 wouldbe best) and take plenty of water!.