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Jun 26, 2008 06:41 AM

Rome Restaurants for Sunday

I know there have been posts on this topic before, but now that I need them, I cannot find them. I love Rome, having just returned in March from a great trip with older parents, and now we are traveling to Rome as a family (adults with kids, age 8, who love restaurants and are great eaters) -- then going to the Amalfi coast for hiking, beach, etc., for a few days -- then back to Rome. As it is, we will be in Rome two Sundays in a row in July, and need a selection of choices for decent food. Hate to have your first and last meals in Italy be anything but great! I was thinking the following: first Sunday, arrive in Rome mid-morning, hit Campo F. for Pizza Bianca, walk around and see some sites, let them try gelato (lots of choices on my list for that!) check into the hotel, and go to Paris in Trastavere for a real meal in the evening. Is that open on Sundays? My other ideas would be Fiammetta, or other Trat. place -- anywhere in the city -- we love to walk, and can hop a cab from anywhere too far to walk.

The last Sunday, we are arriving late in the afternoon on the train, checking back into our hotel and want a really special family meal to end our trip before heading back to U.S. on Monday morning ... lots of places I thought of (Monti, La Piazzetta are not open on Sunday, according to my notes, which may not be accurate) and I need a good idea. Price is not the priority. Any ideas?? Pierluigi is sort of out, kids are not huge fish lovers, and we will have just come from the beach, where they will have their fill. I thought of Armando, but wanted something a bit more special. Any ideas??

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  1. We had a fantastic meal (on a Sunday) at Trattoria da Giggetto Reservations reccomended.

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      What's was the price range for a meal?

    2. Recently, two of us had a delicious Sunday lunch (107 Euros) at Sabatini's in the Piazza Santa Maria in Trastavere.

      1. Paris is open Sunday lunch, not evening. Our favorites for Sunday are Al Ceppo and Giuda Ballerino, pretty upmarket. No Piazzetta, alas. Many people like Vecchia Roma, which we find overpriced and not that good, but it's beautiful. Forno in Campo de' Fiori may not be open. We went to Grano, near Pantheon, which is open every day, exc we didn’t like it, but it's there, and not unattractive, if push comes to shove. Fiammetta is open. Also La Campana. I believe Checco er Carettiere is open -- they have changed days at various moments, so I'm not sure where they are now. Actually trattorias tend to close on Monday, so there are actually quite a few open on Sunday. I have a list of Sunday places on my site, but they don't leap to mind.

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          Thank you so much ... I was so hoping you would post as I always receive good ideas that pan out to be great! I seem to recall (from the previous thread on Sunday dinners in Rome, that I cannot locate) that several restaurants in the Prati neighborhood were open, as a couple of people noted that they saw cardinals dining there as if they had just come from church. I just can't think of what the names of the restaurants that were included in those posts. I'm going to keep searching... Thanks again... PeggyD.

        2. Where is your hotel located when you return for the last Sunday? Might be able to offer nearby recommendations.

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            We're staying at Mecenate Palace Hotel -- down the street from Santa Maria Maggiorre and down the street from Trat. Monti -- both houses of worship, depending on your focus of the moment. Location is not that important to us ... we are walkers, and it seems that nothing in Rome worth seeing is ever far by taxi if you can't walk to it. Thanks -- any good ideas will be helpful!

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              We always stay at the Mecenate Palace when in Rome and like it very well. You can get buses from across the street to the Temini and change to other buses going anywhere in Rome, go to Via Merulana for other routes, or to Via Cavour for still more.
              Based on your request, I suggest my standard recommendation a great family meal and you can use the buses to get there and return: It is not all that far a walk either from the Hotel.
              Best recommendation for quality, quantity, price, and ambience is Vladimiro/Marcello at Via Aurora 37 between Ludovisi and Lombardo, 2 blocks in from the Via Veneto where the large hotels are. Recommended is a set meal they may suggest (if they don’t, ask your waiter for it): antipasti misti (5-6 or more vegetarian appetizers in large bowls from which you take what and how much you wish), primo is a platter of 3 different pastas in 3 different sauces, secundo is a large chunk of roast veal with potatoes and other items (veal is excellent, if you prefer a different meat, ask for it). House wine is good and can be had in ½ or full liter pitchers, in white or red. We generally pay 35-40 Euros per person for this meal at Marcello and have never been disappointed. Kids will love the variety of appetizers and choice of pastas. We have recommended this place in many other posts and never had anyone say it was not as we described or as good as we said it was. Price is very reasonable given the abundance and quality of the food offering.

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                Thank you so much for that recommendation ... we will definitely check it out ... I'll report back in !! PeggyD

          2. Something that is fairly new and definitely hip and cutting edge is the" Gusto" complex at Piazza Augusto Imperato. This multi-venue restaurant offers fine and casual dining from breakfast to dinner. The food and utensil shops are great too.
            Look at their site
            Good luck!!!!

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              stay away from Gusto, has mediocre food at best and terrible service.

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                I concur. The pizzeria is the only part of the complex I would go to. The shop is very nice but the fancy equipment is of more interest to local cooks than to visitors in that many of the items are imported.