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Jun 26, 2008 06:38 AM

Good Brunch Spot

Any ideas for a good brunch place? Looking to spend around $20.00 or so. Would be great if a drink came with the meal.

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  1. Always enjoyed The Paris Commune for brunch http://pariscommune.net/

    1. YOU MUST MUST MUST go to Calle Ocho on the UWS.
      Food is great (i personally love the vegetaria paella) and the best is free sangria! They have a serve yourself sangria bar with about 8 different types (white and red). It's increible. Trust me, you will walk out happy and satisfied!!! Make resies. Bruch on Sunday only; ends at 3.
      $20 bucks will do it for you...I've never spent more!

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        Not a fan of Calle Ocho. The food just didn't cut it for me. Eggs were dry, crabcakes weren't right, paella overcooked. I'll admit the sangria is a great deal, and it is fun to try all the flavors, but there is better food at many other places: Nero, good, it all depends on what neighborhood you're in and what you're in the mood for. I will say that Greenwich Village seems to have become the nexus of brunching. Many good options there.

        1. re: JungMann

          My experiewnce were totally opposite (my eggs benedict was incredible).

      2. Best brunch that comes with a drink -- probably Jane or the Neptune Room (same owners). Not sure if they do the same deal with The Smith.

        See also:

        1. Turkish Kitchen has an amazing brunch... if you like mediterranian food.

          1. Gascogne's 3-course brunch prix-fixe is $20 and includes a choice of o.j., a mimosa, or a Bloody Mary. Delicious food. On a summer's day, nothing beats enjoying brunch in their lovely garden.