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Jun 26, 2008 06:28 AM

Need Suggestions for Cincinnati Anniversary Party

We need to find a location and caterer for an anniversay party dinner for about 50 guests in the Cincinnati area. Trying to stick to a budget of $2000 total inclusive of site fee, food, tax and service. Beverages will be cash bar so we're not including those in the budget. Any ideas? I live out of state and this is a party for my in-laws so I am clueless! Thanks in advance for all recs.

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  1. You can try Montgomery Inn -- ribs and chicken.

    They catered my daughter's wedding a few years ago (it was outdoors) and no one was disappointed.

    1. What a generous in-law you are! Maybe if you can give us a few more details (Traditional or more eclectic menu? Formal or casual location? Night or afternoon party? Mostly or all adult guests?) we could offer more appropriate suggestions.

      Off the top of my head, I'm thinking that you can't go wrong (but you may go way over budget) with one of Jean-Robert's restaurants: . I doubt that Pigall's could do $40/person, but JeanRo Bistro possibly could. (FYI - the Pho Paris space is now Chalk, but it seems like the party would be too big for most of the spaces and too small for the main dining room.


      The Cincinnati Art Museum could be a good spot ... the last party I went to had appetizers rather than dinner, and they were decent. It looks like you have to use their catering service (not sure if that was in place with the party I attended), but the menus are "inspired" by a favorite chef in Cincinnati (David Cook of Daveed's), so depending on what that means, it could be a very good thing.

      Definitely less "fancy" but more eclectic and still very good would be Kona Bistro ( ). I don't know that they host private parties in their restaurant, and I've not been to a party they've catered, but my dining experiences in the restaurant have always been wonderful.

      1. If you go to opentable--the restaurant reservation site and plug in Cincinnati , you can go to an area that lists banquet facilities. There are lots there to choose!

        1. I would suggest you contact Elegant Fare catering--I've been to events they did and they do a nice job--although it gives me some pause that they don't seem to have a functioning web site. At any rate, their number is (513) 552-1340. You might get some ideas and/or leads in any case.