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Jun 26, 2008 06:26 AM

New Amsterdam Market

New Amsterdam Market
What: Hoping to become a permanent fixture, tons of local purveyors show off farm-fresh cheese, produce, meats, and prepared foods — with a focus on sustainability.
Why: Bread (from FCI to Sullivan Street), honey, mushrooms, and other mouth-watering groceries.
When: Sun., 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: South Street Seaport, South St., b/t Beekman St. & Peck Slip.

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      1. re: Lucia

        I see they changed the fee into a donation. Smart move.

    1. We went last time and are really looking forward to it becoming a permanent fixture.

      Curious to see what they have to nosh on today!

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      1. re: CornflakeGirl

        I just got back from the New Amsterdam Market. Great turnout and diversity of vendors (though there were perhaps too many bread sellers.) Some of the vendors seemed to be there to sell while others were mainly there for support and PR - still others a combo of both. I discovered what looks like a great place to get good fresh chicken with head and feet attached - Bobo Chicken (bobochicken.com) - they were also selling 18 quail eggs for $4, good deal! There were some very interesting ice cream sellers - Marlowe and Sons (the restaurant in Wburg) had a great anise/hyssop flavor and a Princeton-based ice cream place called Bent Spoon where I enjoyed a blueberry/strawberry/lavender sorbet. The Queens County Farm Museum was selling great-looking produce grown on the grounds of the museum, and I learned about wild ginger and cattails from wild food sellers from Vermont. There were lots of wonderful cheese sellers. Some restaurants showed up - Peasant served an absolutely fantastic chopped cold razor clam stew on razor clam shells! I tried to buy a dish from them but no, it was tastings only.

        The market was interrupted by a very dramatic rainstorm, prompting the French Culinary Institute to have a "rainstorm special" on their delicious-looking breads, so I picked one up for $3 (it's in my freezer now)

        I certainly hope this market becomes a permanent fixture in Lower Manhattan.

      2. Did anyone who went today catch which bakery was selling that killer pistachio bread?

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          I felt there was too much packed into too small of a space, I could barely walk around there. There was a lot of cheese and a lot of bread, but not a whole lot of much else...I think 2 vendors were selling meat, one or 2 had wine, one or 2 had milk, not much in the way of produce or anything else. I don't think I'd go back unless they expanded to a larger space, and if more places went to sell items, as opposed to just hand out flyers as eee put it, 'for support and PR.'

          1. re: fishermb

            I agree with you about the space. I'm not one who's really into fighting crowds. So I just didn't really feel like checking out every stand. It would be great if this market can become more of a regular thing, provided that there's the room for it.

            DH got a $2 frittata that wasn't too bad, and I got the ice cream from Bent Spoon -- strawberry-creme fraiche and goat cheese basil. The flavors were really interesting and the quality was pretty high. And I'd have to agree with 4e that there were way too many bread vendors.

          2. re: smsliu

            I believe Bouchon Bakery/Per Se was selling the pistachio rhubarb bread. I agree it was very well done, although I filled up on way too much bread and cheese. I'm roasting one of the Bobo chickens as I type.