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Jun 26, 2008 05:52 AM

Ann Arbor Recommendations for a Canuck

Hello all,

I am visiting Ann Arbor for three days in July. It is a sunday/monday/tuesday.

Besides Zingermans...where else is a must see (ie. markets) /eat.


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  1. for realz? you can't search the midwest board for ann arbor? this is not meant as a criticism of you, but it just seems that no one is searching for ann arbor recs. Believe me, they are out there.

    So in the spirit of mixing it up, I'm going to recommend some places that I have probably never recommended before... these aren't must eats, because those have all been previously recommended...

    Real Seafood Co. - good seafood, excellent rolls, great coconut cream pie.
    Mark's Midtown - good breakfast with Dearborn ham
    Paula's place - bakery with homemade soups for lunch
    Parthenon - Greek with homemade bread and baklava
    Brown Jug - college institution, cleaned up a bit though in the last few years

    I challenge all the regular Ann Arbor posters to come up with other restos they haven't recommended, mentioned or seen recommended. It's tough, unless you want to start mentioning places like Frasers, Village Kitchen, Banfields, etc.

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      I've always avoided Sadako because it's in the middle of the South U madness, but I went recently with a big group and thought it was good value for the money, with nice tempura-type rolls. I don't think someone from a large Canadian city is going to be all that impressed with any of our sushi bars, but I'm definitely going back there--they now have beer, too, which they didn't at the beginning.

      I also am fond of Mark's Midtown, especially the one on S. State--the waitstaff there could be air traffic controllers. To the OP--Mark's is an example of a unique Michigan type of diner called a "coney island," serving coney dogs (chili dogs with onions), breakfasts, and often Greek standards.

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        And how about the Heidelberg? True, German cuislne is about the least sexy one around, but they still use the old recipes, do it right, and serve up lots of good German beer to wash it down with. If you like some well-stewed cut of meat in a rich sauce with mushrooms, maybe a fried egg on top, red cabbage on the side, try it. I think they're a cut above Metzger's.

      2. Red Hot Lovers on East University on campus -- a little dive that serves Vienna beef hotdogs--THE best - with all kinds of toppings, also has sausages and veggie dogs, sides include waffle fries (huge portions). Best dogs in SE Michigan and cheap.

        1. Zanzibar! not usually mentioned..but i've had some really interesting dishes there.

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            The Ann Arbor Art Fairs (yes, plural) take place July 16-19. The entire downtown and campus area shut down and those of us who can leave town do so. If you try to eat in the central part of town, you'll pay a zillion dollars to park and have to fight your way to wherever you're going. So unless you like arts and crafts, and don't mind sharing town with 100,000 other visitors, don't come that week.

            If you're in AA the rest of the month, the Farmer's Market is on Wednesday and Saturday. There's plenty to eat in the Kerrytown area adjacent to the market (Zingerman's is a block away) especially inside the permanent Kerrytown Market. You can get a fine lunch at Monahan's Fish Market, which will cook up anything in their case and also has specials.

            Sadako is fine but for a Japanese sushi/kaiseki experience, go to Yotsuba. The clientele trends towards Japanese with dishes you won't see other places. If you know what you're eating, you'll think you're in Japan.