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Jun 26, 2008 05:52 AM

Khushboo (Lexington) Last Night

We went over to Khushboo, an Indian restaurant in Lexington Center, last night. Food was good overall (I thought the chicken dilrooba was particularly fine) and the 2nd-floor patio which overlooked the center of town was perfect on a night like last night.

Service was efficient, though one of our waiters was very happy and upbeat, while the other seemed very unhappy and glum. It made for a strange experience, to say the least.

I enjoyed Khushboo, but I'm not sure I can completely recommend the place, partly because the space feels kind of old and tired (it seemed nicer when Bel Canto was in that spot years ago), and even though the food was good, it didn't seem to reach the level of Kashish in nearby Belmont.

On a side note, it seemed that there were either a lot of very drunk people down below in the patio at Not Your Average Joe's, or there was a standup comedian down there doing his thing. I felt like I was in the middle of some TV laugh track or something!

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  1. Outdoor seating at Khushboo definitely brings it up a few points though. What a night to be able to dine al fresco!

    1. Just went there for lunch recently. The place did seem a little old and tired and there were about as many waiters standing around as there were lunch patrons (until an enormous party of ten came in!) The papadums were soggy and stale, and the menu didn't look very special. However, the uttapam (both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions) were surprisingly good, although the sambar served with them was terrible. Chicken Tikka Masala that a friend ordered was nothing special, although he enjoyed it. However, the biggest surprise was the raita, which was tangy, flavorful and excellent, albeit a little thin. Despite all the waiters, service was not particularly attentive. So mostly a shrug, but I was surprised by the South Indian corner of the menu, and it turned out to be surprisingly good. Not worth a trip like Udupi though!

      378 Maple Ave, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

      1. Noticed yesterday on my way home from the excellent Taipei Gourmet in Lexington that Khushboo is now serving and lunch buffet and decided to try it today. It's a fairly small buffet for $9.95 but it has salad and the usual condiments. I tried Onion Pakora, it was nice and crisp. Chicken Korma had nice and tender chicken. The Tandoori Chicken, Chana Masala and the Cabbage and Peas (forgot the name) was all outstandingly good as was the Dal! I put the dal in a separate bowl since it was a bit runny. Everything cooked perfectly and really really nicely spiced. For a buffet this was a really nice surprise, this was so tasty. Service was very attentive, water glass was refilled promptly and empty dishes was whisked away. I wish the staff wouldn't looks so grumpy, I always say Thanks when my water was refilled but no response.


        1. I think I've had those two waiters!! Kushboo is always serviceable, but I think there's been a lot of defection to the new, and IMO better, Royal India Bistro at the other end of the center of town.

          1. Although I have not been to Khushboo in several years, I always enjoyed their food, particularly the Navratan Korma, Rogan Josh, and their lusciously pillowy, tender Onion Naans. By far the best naans I've ever had of the couple dozen Indian restaurants I have visited.