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Jun 26, 2008 05:49 AM

Vegetarian Restaurant Week options

A friend of mine is vegetarian, and she doesn't want to pay $35+ for some roasted broccoli florets like we did at Telepan. We have a current reservation at The Modern's Bar Room but the regular menu doesn't look vegetarian friendly. Any ideas?

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  1. If you're looking into lunch, Eleven Madison Park seems like they have a good vegetarian option (as an entree), since they've sent me their RW lunch menu. What the menu has is called "Blanquette of Green Market Vegetables and Chanterelle Mushrooms."


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      Thanks! I do have reservations at EMP for lunch but my vegetarian friend can only do dinner.

    2. Devi is a terrific choice for vegetarian fare, as most Indian restaurants would tend to be. I remember seeing something that sounded pretty good at Amalia during the winter restaurant week, too.

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        My friend is Indian - we would prefer not to go to an Indian restaurant. Will check out Amalia but we are getting disheartened - RW doesn't seem to be good value at all for vegetarians.

      2. This is still the case in 2009, at Amalia there is just one dish I was told"can be made" vegetarian. $35 is still a lot for us, so I am shifting my focus to real vegetarian restaurants
        even though I am an omnivore and my partner veg.At Pure food, Candle cafe,Dirt candy,Counter,Angelica kitchen etc. there is plenty to choose from for everyone.
        Also, the vegetarians can have the satisfaction of supporting vegetarian restaurants. And the price will be comparable or better in most cases.
        I hope Chowhound gets more vegetarian -aware also.