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Jun 26, 2008 05:46 AM

Jordan/Beamsville wineries

Making the drive out to the area next week - was considering the following places: Tawse, 30 Bench, Daniel Lenko, Angels Gate, Lakeview.

Any suggestions on maybe something I'm missing out on? We quite enjoy the non-'traditional' places...really enjoyed Sunnybrooke Farm Estates when we were in that area last - really good 'fruit' based (as opposed to grape-based) wines.

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  1. Definitely make the drive up the road from angel's gate to Fielding. Great view from the terrace of the tasting room. We bought some very good '07 whites recently. Another place we like is Featherstone, it's close to Vineland. Kacaba is a nice boutique winery, I've tasted some good wines there but they tend to be more expensive.

    1. Do try to get to Flat Rock cellars too. Good Pinot and great view.

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          I'll second all of zindfandellover and Cam D's choices.

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            I like Creekside quite a bit. I've loaded up on their Sauvignon Blanc and Laura's Blend meritage in the past. It's a good not-too-big-not-too-small place, IMHO.

      1. we really like Daniel Lenko - plus you get to sit in their kitchen and have cheese/crackers/cold meats and/or anything else that Daniel's mom is making that day - once there was warm pie - and great conversation. Nicest people/place I've been and the Viognier is great!

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          In case someone asks after all these encouragements, Daniel's mother has actually passed on. A very relaxed setting and easygoing nature, refreshing compared to the architecturally minimalist settings and personalities at other wineries.

          All great suggestions with another emphasis on Fielding.

          I also wouldn't necessarily miss any of the athlete propelled wineries, they have the bankroll to create astoundingly beautiful grounds.

        2. Second the rec for Danny's wines, just had a botle of his Viognier last night and he has the sweetest do, Blackie. Only open Sat and Sun but if you see a red 'vette parked in the driveway he's there so wander on in towards the back and see if he'll open for you. Don't miss Featherstone, the nicest people and lovely, well priced wine. Hidden Bench is fab, fab, fab, but pricey but well worth it and the setting is gorgeous. Pick up a picnic, buy a bottle from Hidden B and enjoy on their gorgeous patio. BTW, Wayne Gretzky (don't laugh) Winery has a lovely patio too, and their winemakers just won winemaker of the year award from the Wine Council of Ontario. Just beware, only the wines labelled Wayne Gretzky at the tasting bar are actually theirs. The other stuff is old stock from the previous winery. If you're going to NOTL don't miss Lailey and Marynissen. Everybody has a website so trip planning easy. Enjoy and drink Ontario!

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            If you are in to icewine, there is a winery called Crown's Bench and they do all kinds of flavoured ice wines as well as their usual's all excellent and the couple that own the place are well versed and very nice.

          2. I recently returned from a weekend of wine tasting in Niagara. Here are a few gems to try:

            Fielding - nice chardonnays, riesling reserve and meritage reserve. Also reasonably priced late harvest and icewines.

            Henry of Pelham - lots of very nice wines, especially Baco Noir & reserve. Gamay is quite nice and late harvest wines.

            Lailey - late harvest and icewines

            Harbour Estates - very reasonably priced

            Tawse - exceptional chardonnays, but a bit pricey. Also, the Carly's Block Estate Riesling.

            Stratus - very good wines, but quite pricey.

            Cave Spring - always worth a visit for the CSV wines (especially Riesling)

            DO have lunch at Zumma Zumma across the street - excellent sandwiches.

            DO dine at Wellington Court in St. Catherines - exceptional, good service.

            Peninsula Ridge - Sauvignon Blancs are quite good