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Jun 26, 2008 05:17 AM

olive and mushrooms

does anyone have any suggestions for great dishes out there right now with olives and mushrooms (not nec. together) and ingredients thereof?
I am looking for DC or Arlington and Alexandria.
help my craving!

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  1. The mushroom cigars from the bar at Citronelle are pretty darn tasty!

    1. I love the mushroom appetizer at Creme. Its a very simple wild mushroom dish but some how it tastes amazing!!

      1. Zola's bar has a mushroom fondue, which is really luxurious. I believe they also have olives as a snacking option.

        1. The sauteed wild mushrooms at Cork are fabulous.

          1. The Surtidos De Setas-sautéed portabello, oyster and button mushrooms in olive oil and garlic is really good at Las Tapas. Be sure to eat with bread and alioli.