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Jun 26, 2008 05:16 AM

Non BBQ in Nashville

Taveling to Nashville in August and need some recommendations for dinners. I already read the BBQ recommendations and warnings, but would like some fine dining recommendations for the evening as well. Southern style or ethnic - pricey or not.

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  1. Pick from these ten: Margot, Marche, Germantown Cafe, Ombi, Zola, radius10, City House, tayst, Flyte, Watermark

    1. We just returned from a week in Nashville. One of the best places we ate was The Acorn. Their blue cheese terrine is to die for. One caution -- do not order the scallops. While they were good they are not of the quality that we get near the ocean in my neck of the woods. The airline chicken was also good.

      We also dined at one of our local favorites -- South Street Crab Shack and Dive Bar. Eat outside if at all possible -- good atmosphere. We have found that a lot of locals go here and the prices are very reasonable. The grilled pork tenderloin (not BBQ) sandwich is great, the enchildas are good and the specials are almost always good. It is very inexpensive. We went for a quick lunch one day and ran into someone we met (local) last year. Ended up staying and talking to people for almost 3 hours!

      We also went to Zola (always good), Sambuca (good if you like good live music during dinner) and Arnold's (meat and 3 and one of our favorites).

      All the other choices below are also good -- I can't vouch for Watermark as I haven't been there.

      1. We had company a few weeks ago and went to F Scotts after the early show at the Opry. We got there after 9 and all the food was half price. Our Boston guests told the Maitre d their meals were as good as the best Boston restaurants. My meal, roast chicken and cheesey grits (a much more sophisticated meal than the name suggests) was off the hook. AND it is the best jazz room in Nashville. Don't laugh there are some great jazz players here.