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Jun 26, 2008 05:05 AM

Parlor - 90th/Third

Has anyone eaten at Parlor yet? How was it? Thanks!

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  1. Just walked by yesterday and checked out the ws today; made a res for 4 next week and will report back.

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      I actually tried to go to Parlor last Wednesday evening around 6:30pm. The restaurant was only about 15-20% full yet the hostess would only seat us at a small bar table in the window. When we asked for a bigger "normal" table, she said she couldn't accomodate us due to reservations. We left and went to another restaurant, but when we walked back by Parlor around 8:00, the restaurant was still half empty. That rude behavior will take them nowhere. My friend just suggested going there tonight to check it out, but I refuse to return to a restaurant with that level of service. She said she has a similar rude story and will fill me in later. I hope everyone else has a better experience than me.

    2. think i might walk in tonight for the lobster roll and a beer. Not as many rolls in town as steaks and thought i might give it a whirl.

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        so, did you go? i love lobster rolls and i'm curious if it was any good...

      2. The original comment has been removed