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Jun 25, 2008 11:37 PM

Tra Vigne or Terra??

Can anyone suggest a beautiful patio setting for drinks before our dinner res. Monday at
Ad Hoc? I've never been to Tra Vigne or Terra; is there any other place you'd suggest? How much time should I allow to drive to Ad Hoc -- It's on 29, right? A few weeks ago I think it took about 1/2 hr on a Monday, it was bumper to bumper traffic. (Don't worry, I'm the designated driver and will just be having iced tea.)

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  1. Terra does not have a patio or a bar. Tra Vigne has a nice bar (avoid the food), but the bar does not have a patio. You could go to Auberge du Soleil, and have a drink there. (That's the only thing to do there.) The view is great, then you can roll down the hill and head down to Yountville via Silverado Trail (take the Yountville Cross Road over).

    Or, depending on the time of your reservation, you could go wine-tasting. The patio at Mumm on Silverado Trail has a terrific far-reaching vew of the interior valley. Get a table with a good view and taste some of the late-disgorged bubblies.

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    1. re: maria lorraine

      Tra Vigne has a very large, naturally shaded, walled in, outdoor stone patio where I'm sure you could assemble a sizable group for drinks during the slow afternoon hours.

      What's gone wrong with the food there lately? I went a few years ago and had a lovely meal on the order of Viognier or the like. Not the level of finish of Boulevard, but worth a repeat visit.

      1. re: orezscu

        Tra Vigne is a shadow of its former self. When Michael Chiarello owned it, it was *the* place in Napa to eat, especially for lunch. Since then, it has gone through so many chef changes and menu changes. It has become mostly a joke amongst the locals who rarely eat there themselves, leaving it for the unknowing tourists.

        There is little that would get me to eat there again; I had to a number of times for business reasons, but now won't bother with the food.

        1. re: Carrie 218

          That is a real shame. I haven't eaten there in a few years - the last meal was in the 'not bad' department, but prior to that, from very good to exceptional.

          1. re: Carrie 218

            We don't need a place to eat since we have res. at Ad Hoc, just want a pretty place for drinks before. Would the walled patio at Tra Vigne suit the bill? How long do you think it will take to drive from one place to another?

            1. re: walker

              It's not clear that the patio at Tra Vigne is for the bar--there are lots of places that have nice patios but mostly they are reserved for the eating side. You'd need to call ahead to check on it. Yountville restaurants have some great patios: Bistro Jeanty, Hurley's, Redd but again, not sure you can only have drinks...

              1. re: hulagrrrl

                Calling ahead is best. I'm not sure any of the places -- including Tra Vigne -- offers its tables for drinks only, even in the off hours.

                Bistro Jeanty, Hurley's, Tra Vigne -- none have views, and I based my recs on views and quality cocktails. Hope you find your way, Walker.