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Kimchi -after midnight

I eat it with a fork out of the jar during old movies (alone). C'hound got me hooked, and I don't know whether to throw rocks at you or kiss your cheek. And midnight was an exaggeration. Ten o'clock is my limit, and a thousand people have told me not to exaggerate.
Getting to the point; what goes best with Kimchi, apre-dinner?

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  1. Hey, if you're already watching a movie, try some popcorn!
    I am an "out-of-the-jar" Kimchee guy, too- so I'll pop a batch of popcorn, lightly butter, then sprinkle with a bit of salt and a pinch of sugar (like a kettle corn flavor)- the texture contrasts with the cabbage nicely!

    1. From my military days, pre marriage - (and when I'm home alone)
      Any of the below cut, pressed, or formed in small enough pieces to be wrapped in the kimchi leaves -
      Hot dogs
      chicken nuggets
      tofu cubes
      rice balls (cold rice formed into balls)
      cold meatballs
      leftover cold fried chicken
      bacon pieces
      pork belly chunks
      whole garlic cloves
      red or green whole peppers (mild or hot)

      1. Kimchi goes surprisingly well with hotdogs. I like it with roast and BBQ pork, too.

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          i tried kim chi on my hot dog this weekend and i think it made my life... not literally... but damn close.

        2. Spicy kimchee on cucumber slices or wrapped around grape tomatoes.

          1. I'm partial to topping melba toast with kimchi and washing it all down with some scotch, neat.

            Or, I'll stuff some pita with kimchi along with some peanut butter.

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              Wow, kimchi and peanut butter. So unexpected I think I'll try it.

              Kimchi on pizza is quite good. Of course, it requires that you also have cold pizza in the fridge.

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                scotch? wow. i'm picturing a small bowl of kimchi and a glass of macallan laid out before me and my brow is furrowed with indecision.

                for me, kimchi goes well with leftover barbecue. and by barbecue think texas brisket, not korean grilled meats.

              2. Kimchi over chilled, sliced, green mangos for a TV snack, and on toast over pan fried Spam for breakfast.

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                  My husband loves kimchi and Spam over rice. I think next time I'm going to add some scrambled eggs on the side instead of rice.

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                    Try lightly frying the rice with a little garlic and onion, then scramble the rice with the eggs.
                    EDIT: Or add the kimchi and spam to the fried rice, then scramble with the eggs.
                    Good either way.

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                      ohhh or try frying bacon and frying the rice and kimchi in the bacon grease and adding eggs

                      sooo good

                2. Some nice ideas here, thanks. Kimchi seems to be a really versatile condiment/ingredient with any meal, snack, or time of day. I bumped it up to #1 on my "comfort food" profile. At my age, if you can get $5 of pleasure from a 15 ounce jar, you do it. Elliot Spitzer, take note.

                  1. I just finished having some steamed veggie dumplings topped with kimchi. Best late-night snack EVER.

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                      I know this is old...but what a fantastic thread! I personally love my kimchi with any kind of pork...either straight up or stir fried together!