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Jun 25, 2008 10:29 PM

Diners and Dives

We are big fans of the Food Channel show Diners, Dines, and something else we think. We will be traveling cross country in a few weeks and would love to get a list/location of the diners/dives that have been shown, so we can make some stops. We want to plan out our route in order to see as many as we can. Any ideas where to find a website? Thanks.

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  1. The show's called Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

    1. You are a big fan of the show, yet do not know the name of the show???

      1. I also love Diners and Dives and will be in Houston beginning Saturdy the 28th for 6 days. I would love to have lunch or dinner at an awesome truly authentic Mexican place ! Got idea's?

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          You'll likely have more luck if you post your request to the Texas board, which is here:

          1. TexasGirl88.......welcome back to of the locations visited in Texas is Louis Mueller's in Taylor ......Mr. Mueller's place is the real deal , among the best BarBQ we have to offer....if you decide to check it out , you will not be disappointed .