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Jun 25, 2008 09:35 PM

SM area with kids - Friday night

Looking for a placewhere I can go with an out-of-towner. Two kids (8 & 2) in tow. Good food (but certainly not fancy) is hoped for.

in or near Santa Monica but genera westside would work too.

Thanks in advance

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  1. if you are willing to go south, i'd take them to 26 beach restaurant in venice.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Musha would work, as there are plenty of chicken and rice options for the kids, and it's a fun enough environment for them to be entertaining.

        Fritto Misto would be good for Italian

        i Cugini will handle kids

        Babalu on Montana deals well with kids - the FOH seems to enjoy entertaining them - grilled vegetable salad and yam fries... and if you like banana or coconut cream pie, this is your place

        1. Gaucho Grill in Brentwood. California Pizza Kitchen in Brentwood and Santa Monica. Rosti in Santa Monica. Banderas in Brentwood.

          Depends how good you want the food to be... OR how good the kids are, because well behaved kids can go to any restaurant, really.

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            That is true - and my 2 year old can handle it. I'd rather not hit crappy food joints - probably should have mentioned that.
            While I grew up on that side of town, it's been years since I was familiar with the west side so I was looking for recommendations on food. Thanks

          2. West Hollywood houses Caffe Angeli, whcih is one of the most Kid welcome yet not kiddie oriented places I have been. Evan Kleinman, the owner, and her staff, really like kids, believe they should have the chance to eat in places with cloth napkins and no "kids menu" and takes good care of them.

            It is Italian/American ish.

            The kids will get a ball of pizza dough to play with and shape. Then they take it and bake it into the famous and nummy pizza dough bread. The kid gets the bread they shaped! They also have crayons.

            Still, its a nice space, not "we take kids!" in appearance, and has fabulous food!

            Prices are dang good, service is great, and I have never seen achild misbehaving there, as they are kept busy and have fun without disturbing other diners.