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Jun 25, 2008 07:56 PM

Pepe's New Haven White Clam Pizza

I am a big fan of the subject pizza the third time IN A ROW, I have gotten pieces of clam shell in my revered pie. Twice in New Haven and once in Manchester. This rather sours the experience and detracts from the enjoyment, not to mention the possibility of tooth damage.
These pies are too good and at $26 bucks apiece (large) too expensive, to be compromised by shoddy shucking practices. Anyone have any similar experiences recently?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I’m a little taken aback by what Pepe’s has done in the past couple years with the newer locations. I understand the desire to expand from a business point of view, however it appears the multiple locations do not compare to the original based on the reviews here on this board. As a die hard CT pizza lover (who moved to MA in 1988) I would have to say they may be venturing into territory that Pizzeria Regina did here in MA.

      Regina fans swear by the original one in Boston’s North End vs. all the mall outlets, who make a decent pie compared to the usual BS Sbarro etc. in malls but it has cheapened the name and brand in my opinion. I would hate to see Pepe’s do the same. Looks like it may be headed there.


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        Mcpepe's...I have to say I love the analogy...I do know they shuch the clams in New haven..and to be honest I wouldn;t fret too much oiver a piece of shell...I mean I was eating cherrystones this weekend and most have some sort of grit and's part of the experience.

        Now I am not sure about manchester...the last pepperoni pizza they made me had cubes rather than slices...

        the reality is that what was popular and traditional in NH does not always tranfer to a mall or duplicate location...and I am sure the manchester guys would like to be paying alot less rent than the folks in NH...I have never met or seen an owner in Manchester despite requests to meet someone...

        "Workin on a chain gang"..I wonder if the workers sing that when making;s what has happened...

      2. I agree. A piece of shell is part of the experience. If people keep complaining about the occasional piece of shell (or worse, threatening law suits), they'll start using canned crap. I'll take the small bit of shell any day.