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Cabbage overload!

It's the third week in a row that I've gotten a head of cabbage in my CSA basket. Mostly I use cabbage as coleslaw or toppings on tacos but I need some better ideas on how to use it all up.

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  1. assuming it's not red cabbage:

    cut into wedges, making sure to keep a piece of the core attached to each. coat with cooking spray or brush lightly with oil, sprinkle with S&P, and grill, cut side down over medium-high heat for a few minutes, until lightly charred & slightly softened, but not completely wilted. serve with sliced grape or cherry tomatoes, and either a buttermilk or bleu cheese dressing.

    1. Cut it into thin slices, saute caraway seeds in butter until aromatic, add the thin cabbage slices and saute until until tender crisp. Season with Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

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        make stuffed cabbage rolls. You can also just chop and saute in evoo.

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          I do something similar. Cut cabbage into strips about 1/4" wide and saute in butter along with carrots sliced into similar shape. The cabbage and carrots both have a sweetness that really comes out when cooked.

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            Cabbage, carrots and ONIONS - another food that adds sweetness. A hit of red pepper flakes adds interest.

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              Perfect, I've been getting onions and carrots for the past 2 weeks too!

        2. http://www.chowhound.com/topics/430488

          Includes Marcella Hazan's fabulous recipe for cavolo sofegao (smothered cabbage).

          1. if you like thai food, try slicing it very thinly and using it with the dressing used in som tum (green papaya salad).

            1. Those fresh CSA cabbages should have some great outer leaves, which are great for rolling/stuffing. Pop them off one by one, stack them as they come off, to yield a nestled cupped stack. To prep for rolling, blanch or steam or since it's summer simply place in freezer to pop the cell structure and make them limp for rolling. Then use for stuffed cabbage rolls in the crock pot, which then can be frozen if wanted. Savor those outer leaves as a "separate" part of the cabbage.

              Another quick and dirty is summer crockpot cabbage wedges, again freezable.

              Outdoor summer stirfried cabbage in the wok on the turkey fryer. Cabbage, onions, in rendered bacon grease and crushed caraway seeds. If wok hei'd at high heat it's a whole different dish than the gently sauteed in evoo dish. The squirrels love the smell of this stuff... they gather and flick their territorial tails.

              Kraut, make kraut.

              Welcome to Chowhound, Agnes.

              1. soups, stir frys, next to corned beef, steamed, boiled

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                  Check out this previous thread which introduced me to chakalaka:


                2. Finely chop half a head of cabbage....REALLY fine....and place in large bowl. Add a finely diced Bermuda onion and five Roma tomatoes, which have been seeded and chopped. Whisk together about a cup of mayo, a quarter cup catsup and two tablespoons sweet pickle juice, When ready to serve, line a salad plate or salad bowl with a whole cabbage leaf and place chopped cabbage salad on the leaf. Top with dressing and baby shrimp meat, which has been rinsed, drained and dried. People who hate cabbage love this salad. It was my mother's go-to salad when we had company and I could eat it five days a week.

                  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! I will definitely try some of them over the weekend.

                    1. I've had bunches of cabbage on hand lately too and I"m tired of coleslaw so was surfing around for ideas.

                      This is kind of out there but I have everything on hand and am trying to decide if it's worth trying. Might give it a try for our Friday Pizza Night tomorrow: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

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                        Actually, that sounds really interesting! Thank God I have a chowhound for a husband....

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                          me too! I ran this by my husband to see what he thought "mmm...could be really good we should make it!"

                          Even our friends that are often here for pizza night were game when I shot them an email and said "wanna try this?"

                          so, looks like it's cabbage pizza tomorrow! stay tuned for reviews. LOL

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                            OK zorra....here's the review!

                            When word got out we were thinking about making this tonight our friends were all on board to give it a try. Who knew that cabbage could cause such intrigue!

                            I was going to make teh margherita pizza first but everyone was so game to try this they wanted me to put it in first so they'd be good and hungry when it came out. I modified the recipe just a touch combining some walnut mustard with the dijon and using shaved parmesan instead of the mozzerella. I used really good bacon from a local place. I used a red cabbage which made it a very pretty pizza too.

                            Everyone REALLY loved it. Great combination of flavors and definitely a fun and different variation on pizza.

                            give it a try!

                        2. I slice half a head of cabbage to put into fried rice. I've also made stuffed cabbage leaves, Thai chicken and cabbage soup, and just stir-fried cabbage with bacon and onion, but putting it in fried rice seems to be the best-accepted solution in our household.

                          1. jaques pepin has a cabbage salad where the dressing is m ostly anchovy and garlic

                            so yummy easy to find on teh interweb