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Jun 25, 2008 06:28 PM

Can you eat non-spicy at Sripraphai?

We've got a little group that has been wanting to try Sripraphai but one of us doesn't like spicy. What's good there that's not hot?

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  1. You can definitely tell them not spicy, and, in my limited experience, often "spicy" isn't spicy. The fried watercress salad is wonderful and not spicy, and I think the various soft shell crab dishes can be not spicy and also very good.

      Buried somewhere in the middle of that thread is a discussion on non-spicy food at Sri. I like the fried watercress salad and the pork with mustard greens.

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        Thanks - both that discussion and the additional link within were helpful - though I tend to agree that sometimes even things marked "non-spicy" on the menu are often spicier than my friend tolerates... if anyone has particular recommendations, I've love to hear them

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          In my experience, the fried watercress salad is a spicy dish. It's not like swallowing a handful of hot peppers, mind you, but it's the type of dish where the heat sneaks up on you amongst the other layers of flavor and texture.

          I would recommend asking about their noodle soups as well, which I haven't yet delved into at Sripraphai. I suggest this, though, because I had an outstanding Chicken Noodle Soup at Nusara just this past weekend, a non-spicy dish that included flat mee fun noodles, chunks of chicken and chicken skin, fresh fish balls and cakes, sprouts, and was topped off by fried bits of garlic in a subtle but wonderful broth. I would be curious to try a similar noodle soup at Sripraphai.

        2. We go with our kids often to SRI and they don't order any spicy dishes. Among others, try:
          the steamed dumplings, very, very good.
          the satays.
          the pad thai
          fried shrimp wrapped in wonton skins
          Some of the fried rice dishes.

          Also, they generally seem responsive to spice requests. Have fun. We have become SRI addicts over the past year or so.

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            Just wanted to mention that Srip is not known for their pad thai. I haven't had it, but many posters have been very disappointed.

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              the pad thai at sri is not very good.
              my kids love spicy food, but when we go with other adults or kids who don't like spicy,we often order:
              the sate
              the BBQ pork app
              fried tofu
              pad see yew
              crispy pork with chinese broccoli
              pork or shrimp with garlic and pepper
              chicken with cashew nuts
              chicken with ginger

              there's a menu for sri somewhere online (bridge and tunnel club?) check it out and you'll see that there's plenty.

              also, IMHO, someone who doesn't like spicy food would consider the fried watercress salad spicy.

          2. Chive Dumplings, Chicken Satay, alot of non spicy options on the vegetarian menu

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              I agree. The chive dumplings were great but totally not spicy. I order off the vegetarian menu and I ask for spicy and it never comes spicy enough. So my guess is that the vegetarian menu items are just naturally non-spicy.

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                I wonder if that has anything to do with Buddhism. You're supposed to avoid or limit items that cause "desire" like hot chile peppers.

            2. The crispy pork with Chinese Broccoli, not spicy but oh so good.