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New and Untested in Jackson Heights

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I am noticing a flurry of new restaurants popping up on Roosevelt and Northern Boulevard. There is TOMO, the new and gorgeous Japanese place on 88th and 37th ave - which I have yet to try.

Today I tried Green Plaintain, which looks like it opened yesterday - it was amazing, cheap, original and just about my favorite meal for under 10 bucks now in JH.


When are we going to see a nice wine bar open up here?

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  1. What did you get at Green Plaintain? I wasn't very impressed with it...

    Tomo is good for the neighborhood - definitely a lot better than Happy Kitchen, but still pretty average. I like their $1 sushi special though - even extends to uni!

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      i was REALLY skeptical about the dollar sushi, but two visits made me a convert -- the fish is cut slightly thin, but everything's been fresh and clean, good rice, a fine experience. the tuna tartare app -- seven bucks, IIRC -- was likewise very good and generously portioned...

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        Tomo is definately a welcome addition to the neighborhood. I've had food from there 3 times, and enjoyed it every time. By far the best sushi in JH region. I have to admit however, it's not worth making a trip out to Jackson Heights for.

      2. I found Green Plantain to be pretty dreadful. It might be passable if it wasn't in the single best area for Hispanic food in all of New York, but its location in Jackson Heights kills its shot at even being acceptable. The area has much better both on the sidewalks and in restaurants.

        1. I went to Green Plantains when it first opened (many months ago) and it was not a good experience. Food was not very good and I had serious difficulties communicating with the waitress who spoke little English. I went to TOMO for lunch and the food was just fair (had one of the Bento box meals) that came out cold. With so many excellent restaurants in the area, I don't need these two. The newly opened American Chicken Grill on 37th & 78 is getting very mixed reviews. I liked it the first time but not the second. Chicken tasted like it had been reheated serveral times and was very dry. Soon a new Indian Restaurant at the former location of Baskin & Robbins on 37th & 75th which we don't need. I would also like to see a nice wine bar open on 37th Ave along with a French/American Bistro, a very good Italian Restaurant and a Cheese Store & Fish Market both similiar to the ones on Austin St that I was at yesterday. I expect we'll continue to see more Indian Restaurants, 99 cent and Fabric stores. Oh, and what about a Pizzeria that serves Nick's quality pizza.

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            And to add to the wishlist:
            A tea house, like Himalaya in Astoria or Communitea in LIC...

            There's going to be a new Indian-Nepali-Tibetan restaurant in the old Ashoka space on 37th Ave and 75th as well.

          2. Leave JH un -yuppified !!! I am a Chef- 40 years in the kitchen --- a 'Shaheen ' customer since 1980 , a 'Tacolandia ' customer ... Yeah , a wine bar might be nice... HOWEVER - the City is 20 minutes away .I was out for a stroll & dinner last night ,& I went to check out 2 new places in Manhatten : 'Gottino' And " I Sodi " --- I did not even want to walk in ---- attitude & money was the vibe from the youngish patrons . We walked up to 'Pastis' the same scene & din .Finally , in relief , we fled to authentic , family-owned 'Riazor ' on 16th Street , to watch the game , eat the BEST pulpo , washed down with good wine & strong margaritas , served by a friendly ( foreign ) staff . GIVE ME THAT in JH , and let the rich people pay what the market will bear in NYC . WE GOT THE FOOD !!!! JoeySunnyside P.S. I thought Tomo was OK. Talk to the ( Chinese) sushi Chef for the skinny . He recomended great Spanish mackerel when I was there.

            1. We removed several posts arguing the need for a wine bar versus more gentlemen's clubs, the ethnic demographic of Jackson Heights, etc. and wanted to let you know why.

              Chowhound's goal is to help people sort through their myriad chow options to find the most delicious food available to them. Speculation about what might improve the food scene in an area and discussions of what's missing in an area don't help anyone eat better now, so they're off topic for our boards.

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                What kind of unsalubrious characters would discuss such heinous topics on an affable internet message board dedicated to the pursuit of delecable foods? That sort of behavior is simply offensive, it's just saddening. I for one am glad that the mods took attention to protect the more respectable members of this fine forum from witnessing such reprehensible comments.

                As far as Tomo goes, I found the quality of the sushi questionable even at $1/piece. The mouthfeel just wasn't there in any of the eight differnet pieces I tried, and certain items tasted more than a bit....strange, the mackerel was simply awful. A yellowtail & scallion roll was acceptable, perhaps items like spicy tuna rolls or eel/avocado rolls would be palatable enough, but otherwise I'd just as soon pay double Tomo's (eventual) normal menu prices for good sushi.

                The vegetable tempura was actually quite well prepared, fried to just the right texture, a light batter, even the tempura sauce seemed reasonbly close to what I've had served in Japan.

                It appears besides the $1 sushi, they are probably being more generous with portion sizes on items they haven't otherwise discounted. For now.