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Jun 25, 2008 05:44 PM

Mary's fish camp, brooklyn?

I went to Mary's last weekend and despite the hour and a half wait it was FABULOUS!!!
Food was so fresh and yummy!!! Wanted to know if it's as good in Brooklyn... Anyone been to both?

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  1. I've been to both and think that the Brooklyn location is on par with the Manhattan location. Similar menus, same quality. Typically, I've had less of a wait in Brooklyn. Especially now that the garden is open, the wait in BK should be even better.

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    1. re: tiger2

      can u give me the address for the Brklyn location Thanks

      1. re: howster

        I'm glad this place seems to have gotten past the initial wave of virulent detractors. We rarely go (since it *is* a splurge) but have enjoyed it when we do.

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          crap, my real point was to make the linky thing

          Brooklyn Fish Camp
          162 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    2. I've also been to both and recently had a terrific meal at Brooklyn Fish camp. Wait on a saturday night for 2 was about 20mins.

      1. i'm a big fan. went with my girlfriend once, had a lobster roll and some type of pan fried fish. both were great. fried clams were a little grainy/sandy, but oddly still tasted good. can't remember what our dessert was, but we enjoyed. the price seems a little too high, but the service was really friendly so i guess i can't complain. would definitely return.

        from what i've seen the general opinion of this board isn't favorable, but i think it's worth trying out (if only for the lobster roll).

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          I went once a few years back and had a thoroughly mediocre, forgettable meal. I have never felt compelled to go back.

          1. re: elecsheep9

            I had a very similar experience, not impressive

        2. We ate there the other night, and liked the food -- the server was a different story. Really, really rude. She appeared at the table and without any preliminaries began to rattle off specials, stopped and said, 'Well you can figure out the wine list," and marched off. When she came back I asked her which of three fish fillet dishes she would most recommend. "I'm not choosing for you," she barked. I tried to say I was asking for what she liked the most -- "I'm NOT going to choose for you!" she snapped again.
          I'm a woman, by the way, and feel pretty sure she wouldn't speak to a male customer that way.

          Brooklyn Fish Camp
          162 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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          1. re: brooklynista

            Wow. That's pretty crappy for anywhere, let alone a restaurant at the price point of BFC. did you speak to the manager?

            We went there last year and while good, it wasn't write-home-about-it good.

          2. I really like this place and had the exact opposite experience from Brooklynista with our server, who, while quirky, was really great.

            We had the fried clams, which were quite good and the mussel appetizer which was great. I had the lobster roll which was quite good as well, although a little too refined for my tastes (I much prefer them straight ahead on a hot dog roll like you'd get at a drive in diner in Maine) and I can't remember what else my girlfriend had, although I remember it being rather tasty as well.

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            1. re: StheJ

              Interesting... I went a few months back and liked our shared appetizer, forgot exactly what but was crab-based and fritterlike. Tasty, though inside a tad undercooked. Now as to those clams -- they may have been whole belly clams and fresh, but very horribly overcooked, tough, and, to quote Woody Allen "such small portions!" -- hounders may slam Bigelows and Legal, but both are head and shoulders above the poor excuse for fried clams I had here (part of at least one, maybe two, was inedible -- I mean couldnt be chewed, to give an idea). MY companion loved her lobster roll, though was aghast at the price.

              1. re: bklynbiker

                My wife and I went to BFC about 18 months ago and were unimpressed - while the service was top-notch, the seafood was mediocre (we both grew up on the New England coast, so we have high expectations for this sort of thing).

                But we went back four months ago on a night we couldn't be bothered to trek out to Long Island for Legal's - sometimes we _really_ miss home - and were wowed. I don't even remember anything we had, I only remember how shocked I was by how good it all was. We've been back twice since, and have had great experiences both times. A fried clam roll, for one, was first-rate, certainly the equal of Legal's (at probably 150% of the price), even if I'm not going to put it on Gloucester or Ipswich levels.

                A lot of restaurants have service issues, and I can certainly understand how having a really rude server can lead one to refuse ever to patronize an establishment again. But I just want to chime in with my two cents and say that giving Brooklyn Fish Camp another shot was one of the best decisions we've made on food on the Slope.