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Jun 25, 2008 04:56 PM

Red Marlin (San Diego)

I just saw the review from Naomi Wise and normally I find her reviews quite accurate. I did anybody tried Red Marlin. It is a hotel restaurant but the review sounds very promising.

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  1. If anyone is thinking of going, it's at the Hyatt Islandia, and has taken the place of their old restaurant.

    I always liked the Sunday brunch at the Islandia, so I hope they keep that. Otherwise, I walked over there the other day and found they had drastically remodeled the area around the hotel (but not the hotel itself). They even took out the Koi Pond and put up a bigger fence. That's kinda lame.

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      They did remodel the hotel itself - the entire project was 65-million. We have had breakfast and lunch there a couple of times and found it very relaxing as most of the hotel guests taking advantage of the pool order snacks from a seperate little venue. I keep forgetting to try it for dinner, but I think it would be lovely in the summer months. I found Naomi's assessment pretty spot-on, at least based on our limited exposure. If a chef can make a such a simple meal as a tomato, mozarella and pesto sandwich sing with flavor because of the quality ingredients used (really amazing heirloom tomatoes - the best I have ever tasted), you can pretty much count on them to rock a kitchen. Pay attention to what she says about the parking situation - bypass the front of the hotel and follow the curve of the road to the back of the building. There is a lot across the street and plenty of street parking, just follow the wide, wooden walk around to the restaurant.