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The Dog House in La Canada?

Just noticed that there is a new (?) hot dog shack on Foothill blvd. in La Canada just east of Ocean View. Has anyone been?

I say it's new because they have a sign outside that says, "Grand Opening".

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  1. Stopped here for lunch today to answer my one post. This place seems very promising. sabrett dogs, thin natural casing, really good meaty chilly, and soft, properly steamed buns.

    New article about this new establishment...

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    1. re: Kevitivity

      do you have the exact address on this one?

      anything else about the menu? did you happen to snag a takeout menu.

      sabrett's sounds good, and the fact that he's actually trying to reference the Wiener Factory is also good. if it's even half as good as WF, then it's worth a try.

      also, any clue as to the hours of operation?

      1. re: kevin

        2238 Foothill Blvd. Hours are 11-7 M-F, 11-6 Sat., 11-5 Sun.

    2. Any Cincinnati-style cheese coneys?

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      1. re: redbobsled

        I had the tomato, onion and dill relish with brown mustard - Chicago Doghouse Style..it was delicious. I love this place.

        1. re: horselover

          I was there last weekend and was very satisfied.
          see this post http://www.chowhound.com/topics/539116

          I like the owner and his wife very much and I am sure they will persevere in establishing a great hot dog stand. All in time I am sure.

      2. Just got back from a lunch jaunt to the Dog House. Had a chance to meet and chat w/the owner (Tal) and things are looking very efficient. It is in a great location (just off the 210, up Ocean View and a quick right to the corner stand). Convenient for us here at JPL, and for others in Glendale and Pasadena.

        Had the saurkraut dogs (2 of them) and another of my buddies had the red cabbage dog. I think one dog for me would have been enuf, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach today. The sabrett dogs had great flavor and the toppings were fresh. They also had chili cheese dogs, coleslaw dogs, veggie dogs or Polish sausage, and even turkey dogs.

        Parking is right below on Young, so if you're in the area give it a try. I thought it fit the bill perfectly. We'll be back.

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        1. re: cagey

          I've ben here a few times. Sabrett hot dogs are long, thin and mild. On one occasion hot dogs were undercooked and not hot. For my money the $2.95 charged here for a plain hot dog is not a great deal. THe costco steamed Hebrew National dog with a drink for $1.50 is far superior. I think the Hebrew National dog is at least as good as Sabrett and is much larger.

          The french fries here are very good, however. Not greasy and good flavor.

          1. re: bosbob61

            $1.50 Costco special may be a thing of the past in the very near future from some CH's are saying. Switching to a "Kirkland" dog.....maybe made by Hebrew National or Sinai?

            Costco Hebrew National is a 4:1 (4 dogs to a pound=1/4 pound) Sabrett's they serve are probably 8:1 (8 dogs to a pound= 1/8 pound).

        2. Back when I was a kid, there used to be a place called the Dog House in Glendale, maybe on Central near Harvard. I think they mowed it down when they started to build the Galleria.
          I wonder if they're 'related'.....

          1. I have been driving by noticing this for a while but not during lunch time. Last week my 10 year old son and I were in the area and were able to stop for a late lunch. The gals working there(mother and daughter) are friends of the owner and were very gracious. When I asked about the red cabbage, they were only too happy to give me a sample. It was delicious on it's own but what I really wanted was a chili-cheese dog with sauerkraut. That's what I got plus I had my choice of yellow or brown mustard! I missed Cupids and this was better than making up for it. They use Sabrett which has the natural casing that gives the dog it's snap. The bun was nice and soft too. My son had a plain dog with catsup and was ready for seconds but we were having dinner soon. I don't think the menu is too small. They have things I've never seen before on a menu such as deep fried tater tots. Anyone who is disappointed with this place..... It's a hot dog stand for crying out loud! We might go back for lunch today! Anyway, for what it's worth, these are great dogs and it's nice to support a small business. Like a previous poster said, it has a few tables so don't go with a large party expecting lots of seating. We did go back, this time with my hubby. We added fries to our order well done. They were exactly what the doctor ordered. Anyway, eating Hebrew National all my life, there is no comparison between Sabretts (which aren't Kosher) and Hebrew National. Sabrett's because of the natural casing that gives it crunch is so much better. Not that a Costco dog isn't a good deal but we're talking apples and oranges.

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            1. re: Fru

              Hi Fru. Is The Dog House's chili dog like Cupids? It is nice for me who works in Pasadena and lives in Arcadia - convenient. I can run up there on my lunch. Whenever I am in the valley I always stop at either the Reseda (Winnetka) one or the Northridge Cupid's get one for there and a few to go. Cupid's is my all-time fave, although Larry's in Burbank is a close second.

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                Hi WildSwede, I'm going to have to try Larry's. Thanks for the reminder. It's been a few years since I've had a Cupids dog but having grown up on them, I would say that the Doghouse chili is equivalent or maybe even better. I really like their fries too. Ask for them well done. I hate to over-hype anything but if you like Cupids, I know you won't be disappointed. I'm hungry!

                1. re: Fru

                  Hi Fru! Thanks for that! I ALWAYS order my fries (and pizza and onion rings) well-done, so I will definitely do as you suggest! My friend and I will be going there tomorrow for lunch - will definitely report back. Defintiely try Larry's - it reminds me of the first place that made me fall in love with chili dogs - Papa John's on Hazeltine & Victory in the 70s! Tanks again!

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                    I went for lunch on Thursday. Service could not have been nicer. Had a long hot dog conversation with the owner. Growing up in Van Nuys he knows and remembers the place that made me fall in love with chili dogs - Papa John's (no one remembers it). I ordered the lunch special with a Chicago Dog, chili-cheese fries (cooked well done) and a Orange Bang! My friend got the Bacon dog with chili and cheese and the ccfries and a diet coke. We both agreed afterwards that we could do without the chili (it was just not that good and nowhere near Cupid's). I did, however, like the hot dog - he serves Sabrett natural casing dogs from NY. Really good. He told me that he is the only place in LA that offers them. That is a plus, since they are good. He wants to do things right. I am a true Chicago Dog fan and what he offered was nowhere near a Chicago Dog (like I have had in the windy city - not that I am expecting them here) but that is not to say it is bad. Just a jumble of onions, tomatoes and relish (and not the neon green one). When I go from now on, I think I will stick with the basics - mustard, onions and relish but veer away from the chili. Thanks!

            2. Been. Good. Chili dog with all the fixin's. Reasonable price. Only regret is the demise of the Mexican place (run by the owners of the sushi place next door) that it was before. Think the dog proprietors are unrelated. Recommend go! Across from the Big Lots just east of Ocean View (I think?)

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              1. re: swimfin

                I was there when they first opened and IMO they were better than Cupids back then and have only improved since. The owner was an original Weiner Factory customer when he was a teen. He knows good dogs and wants to be the best he can. BTW Cupids has never impressed me.

                1. re: swimfin

                  I'm a little confused by your reference but, are you thinking of Tortas Mexico? If so it is now in Montrose. There is one in Pasadena as well but I don't know if they are related and I've never been to the one in Pasadena.

                  1. re: Fru

                    No, It wasn't Tortas Mexico, it was something else. Interested to learn there is a Tortas Mexico in Montrose, didn't know. There was one in La Crescenta, since closed to make way for a Walgreen's (if the deal goes through), that one moved to Tujunga and as far as I can tell is doing well (somewhat near my domicile, and I go there often). Be well -

                2. Well, it made it a year and a half at that location. June 2008 - Dec. 2009

                  Went by for lunch again today and it was closed. (The owner was inside cleaning up.) He said he's closing the La Canada / Glendale location there on Foothill and keeping the one he has (or will have) at Union Station. Too bad, because it was a great lunch spot for those of us in the area. I guess he couldn't make a go of it at the Foothill location.

                  RIP Doghouse, La Canada

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                  1. re: cagey

                    Sad to hear. They served some tasty dogs and were so close to my house. Thanks for the update, cagey.

                    1. re: cagey

                      there's one location in Union Station in downtown LA?

                      1. re: kevin

                        According to the owner, that's the spot he intends to keep (or open). Have not been down there to see it though.

                        1. re: kevin

                          Any body know where it's at? All I see at Union Station is the bagel shop, Traxx, and the snack cart at the east end of the tunnel.