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Jun 25, 2008 04:54 PM


I was an early Hamersley fan and it sort of dropped off my radar. Lots of new places opened and I hadn't been in a while..x a biz dinner last year.

I had a cousin in town from SF last night; and was planning on Taranta

He wanted to go to Hamersley's and we did.

Great meal..Ms 9 had a goat cheese salad and I had a warm salad of fried brains and greens. Mains were the famous chicken and I had the roast duck which was 1 of the best duck preps I can remember..moist juicy meat and crisp skin. Also tasted the pork tenderloin which was very good. All 4 of us really enjoyed our meal.

Service was friendly and professional.

What struck me was how good the food was..without being overly foams, no molecular cooking..just solid, well they've been doing for years.

I used to think of Hamersley's as 1 of the more expensive places in town but they've kept their apps in the low teens and mains under $ a town where there are a number of places where mains have exceeded $40 and apps $20. I think it represents a good value.

We had drinks at Banq.loved the design..but I wondered how they'll be doing in 5 years.

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  1. I absolutely agree re Hamersleys and the same thing happens to us...we forget about it , then go and kick ourselves for not going sooner. And you are spot on re the pricing. It has remained stable as has the quality and presentation of the food and the professionalism of the service . I do think there is something to be said for a one kitchen Chef ( but thats another thread)

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    1. re: capeanne

      Absolutely, there's a reason why I keep it on my list of faves.

      1. re: BobB

        I agree as well. It tends to get a bit slammed by 'hounds as an "overpriced has-been" but there's a reason it's still around after many years. Consistently good food, knowledgable waitstaff, a nice, not too "formal" atmosphere, and moderately priced. And, that roast chicken is insanely delicious and still the best preparation of roast chicken I've ever had, anywhere, anytime.

        1. re: BobB

          I agree. Had one disappointing (in the sense of "blah") meal there about 3 -4 years ago, but also have had great ones more recently. The service is excellent, too. I like the bar area.

      2. I love Hammersley's ... and for some reason have also not been there in quite a while. Last week as we passed it, I said to me husband, that it's my favorite restaurant in Boston, and that we need to go there soon. I agree that the food is just plain good cooking, without all the bells and whistles and trends of other restaurants.

        My 50th birthday is coming up, and we'll be heading there.

        1. I'm a fan and look forward to going back there every once in a while. They stay in business because they're consistant and always better than good. Never disappointed.

          1. Quoting my own relatively recent post:

            I was kind of down on Hamersley's for a long time, thought it was overpriced for what it was, but a couple of recent dinners had me revising that opinion. I'd say it's everything it was in 2001, so if you liked it then, you will still like it now. I guess I've either gotten less sensitized to prices for this kind of high-end bistro cooking (the irony of that phrase is maybe what bugged me in the first place), or the neighborhood is now full of places (like its immediate neighbors) that are comparably expensive and not nearly as good.

            The current menu is the new seasonal one with a lot of new stuff since I last went -- fried brains salad! -- but the old standbys are there, like that excellent roast chicken that Gordon wishes he never got famous for (I hear he's sick to death of cooking it).

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              I doubt he has any trouble at all watching as many of those chickens go out the door as fast as his cooks can put them out at 18% food cost. He's a lot better off being famous for chicken rather than being famous for lobster, like Jasper.

              Might have to go by there and try the brains salad.

            2. Thank you for this excellent reminder thread. We will begin a couple of weeks of dining out around Boston and Portland, ME tomorrow night and have added this old favorite to the mix. We actually used to put it into every week of trying new restaurants because Hamersley's reminded us to the standard we were using to compare new place.

              We'll be reporting in her and on