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Jun 25, 2008 04:41 PM

Disappointing 900 degrees Manchester

Well, we've been to 900 degrees in Manchester a couple of times. When they first opened, and this past week. I thought I'd give them a few chances to redeem themselves as the first times we went, they had just opened. We went on a friday night, at 6:30pm and got right in! The place was not overly busy like I'd heard it has been. Drinks were excellent! I had a good red chianti, partner had a margarita. It's the pizza that we didn't care for. I absolutely love neopolitan style pizza ( think Al Forno in Providence) but was VERY disappointed with the bland taste of the crust and skimpy, skimpy toppings. The crust tasted like stale fat free saltine crackers, and let's just say that I think they are overcompensating on trying not to let the toppings/sauces get the crust soggy...there wasn't much topping at all. We ordered a quattro formagio and a bbq chicken pizza. There was literally "1" small piece of plain chicken on each slice. We didn't finish the pizza's and left there hungry with a $60. bill on top of it. Our waitress was great, but keep in mind business was down. We won't be returning unless it's a free business outing.

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  1. haven't been yet, been wanting to give this place a try. Have you tried Cafe Momo in Manch? Excellent. We also tried another new one in Manch. -City Flames Smokehouse on Chestnut - wow, very impressed with their bbq, sides and cornbread to die for.

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      I've been to 900 Degrees a couple times. I enjoyed their pizzas, but as another poster on these boards suggested, it seems to be better the further from traditional pizzas you get. Things like starting with the red pesto base etc. I also agree that their price is a little higher than what I would like to pay. Haven't been in a while, I had heard they were going to be doing an actual white sauce instead of the bland excuse for a white sauce they used to have.

      As for City Flame Smokehouse, they are indeed excellent. Did you talk to the owners at all? Great people, apparently from Bulgaria, learned how to BBQ from trips to Memphis. Have you tried the BBQ spaghetti? It sounds bad, and when you get it, it doesn't look much better. But the taste? Sweet Jesus is it good. Wouldn't mind if their hot bbq sauce was hotter, but I'm a chile head. If you tried and enjoyed their smoked sausage, it is the normal italian sausage from I absolutely love the smokey flavor with their italian sausage, I know people who don't though. The guy who owns sausage heaven is pretty cool too. Wanted to just get some fresh chorizo and his sicilano sausage, ended up walking out with some feta and olive lamb sausage, some blueberry maple breakfast sausage, garlic cheddar sausage, and some guinness irish bangers. Loved them all and plan to try more.

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        Absolutely agree with you on both, owners of Çity Flame and Sausage Heaven being wonderful people. I love talking to business owners. Been going to Sausage Heaven for a few years, they made a wonderful Muffelatta sandwich in their retail location. Cheddar Dogs are awesome. We are sooo anxious to go back to try other things at City Flame, the sausage was on my list as was trying that bbq spagetti. their cornbread is the best I've ever had. Also wanted to talk more to the owners, they dont' have a good understanding of their rights as owners/employers. We talked about their problem with hiring - their fear of not being able to let someone go when they aren't working out. Document document document - then fire em!!!!

    2. We had a similar experience. I've been twice, and both times left hungry. It is now just a bar to me-

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        I've been twice, and have been quite happy with the overall quality of the pizzas I've gotten, but thought that they were somewhat overpriced.

      2. Funny, my local paper wrote an article on them today raving about the place. Made me want to drive up there and try it. Now, not so much. I definately value your opinion over theirs.

        1. Finally got around to trying this after reading about it in local publications..

          Could not have been more disappointed. Lousy location..have to go through several crowded parking lots to park in theres. Looks nice from the outside, nice deck, can tell the owners pumped some money into the building. Once inside, the hostess told us we "were in for a treat'..we opted to sit at the beautiful bar..Not a soul in the place, was a bit after prime lunch time, but found this to be unusual. Bar reminded us both of Cotton..

          Limited menu. Salads, meatballs and neopolitan style pizza. Thats about the extent of it.

          No value in this pizza whatsoever. Thin, brick-oven style with a roasted tomato sauce (which was the highlight) with very sparse toppings..we almost thought it was a joke, but joke was on us. There was about 6 pieces of sausage, and maybe 7-8 pieces of pepper on a 'large' pizza??! Someone also needs to tell the bartender that olive oil served with bread is not a big deal..really. The chains were doing it years ago.

          40.00 for lunch and wasnt happy about it at all. Can't recommend. Try Pizzico..hell, even Bertuccis is better valuewise than this 'wanna-be trendy' pizza joint.

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            I agree overpriced for what you get, really weak on the toppings even when I offered to pay for more,

            Location is not too bad if you know Manchester and how to get in

            I will second Bertuccis over this on any day

          2. We must have caught a great night (last night) - we loved it and left full (maybe too full) and the tab was $50. We split a wonderfully flavored and fresh ceasar salad. Then split a stuffed mushroom appetizer (stuffed with an herbed goat cheese after the mush were roasted in the oven.) Then split a really fantastic special pizza. Had a roasted garlic cream base w/ carmalized onions, baby spinach, rosemary ham, prosciutto, mozz - garnished with parsley & olive oil. We had two beers. The ambiance was very nice with great tunes/jazz going on. We really enjoyed it. Most gourmet pizza at your average pizza place range between 12-$16.00 for a lrg - theirs was $14.99 and soooo worth it, loved the crust. We are definately going back, maybe for their Sunday Jazz live music.