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Jun 25, 2008 04:35 PM


Anything new, interesting and good? walking distance from downtown..

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  1. Wouldn't this be better posted on the New England board?

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      Don't think so, we do Rockport and Gloucester here and Marblehead is just 15 miles from downtown. Heard Maddies reopened with new owner and alleged new menu but havent been

      1. re: capeanne

        Checking out what's doing with the old Maddie's is definitely on the list.

        The distinction between NE and Boston board has generally been inside or close to 128..and can get fuzzy. The mods can make that determination but thanks for your concern.

        1. re: 9lives

          No problem. I just don't see Marblehead as "close to 128", which is why I suggested the NE board. Usual (former) cutoff was Peabody/Danvers before they'd move it off to NE.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            I have to weigh in on this. Marblehead is within the 128 belt, east of Salem and two towns north of Lynn. Definitely the Boston board.

        2. re: capeanne

          Well, I've never seen either Rockport or Gloucester talked about on the Boston board; always the NE board. But I hope 9lives gets his answers here - looks like a few good recs.

          1. re: LindaWhit

            I see posts about Gloucester and Rockport on this board all the time. Marblehead is a lot closer.

      2. Maddies is open, and the food is a great improvement over the past.

        Had the Scallops in topside bar area, and they were nicely seared on both sides. My sister in law had the fish and chips, they had a nice flavor too (I think they were Guiness battered) Onion Rings were decent too.
        I actually was quite pleasantly surprised at the quality of the dishes served at our table.

        The owner introduced herself, and service was great.
        Drinks aren't what they were tho, the cape codder that I had used to just have a hint of pink,and quite the wallop of vodka. Now its mostly red. Oh well.

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        1. re: lukasr

          Marblehead is only 17 miles from downtown Boston, it is not some far off seacoast village.
          The food is defintely better at Maddies these days..the drinks are weaker though
          and Shubies has put in a full sandwich bar and more seating with some nice choices for lunch or take out

          1. re: lukasr

            I do agree the new owners are making a go of it, hats off to them. If you want the old Maddie's drinks then go no further than the Three Cod Tavern on Pleasnat Street in Marblehead. Maddie's old bar manager started his own place and kept the drink sizes and portions. The food is excellent too.

          2. I would not advise anyone to bother going to Jack Tars. The menu has changed for the worse and food is lousy. It used to be a great place but now the menu is so limited.

            1. Shubie's is right at one end of Atlantic Ave. and seemed to have a good wine selection. Not sure how new it is. But I like the prepared foods selections.

              Shubie's Liquors & Market Pl
              16 Atlantic Ave, Marblehead, MA

              1. Good meal at Maddie's. Food seemed a little better. Fried clams for me and the scallop dish mentioned for Ms 9. Rum Punch still packed a punch but we didn't really drink much. New owner seems very nice. "mixed" crowd of families in the dining room, drinkers in the bar area,, and a few hard cores in the downstairs bar..:)

                Jose Duarte of Taranta was "guest cheffing" at Corinthian and we enjoyed the gnocchi.

                Good assortment of takeout at Shubies..looks like they upgraded from last summer.

                Off for breakfast at the old favorite.

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                1. re: 9lives

                  Anyone here tried the food at J&S Brandie's?

                  1. re: Steve L

                    J&S is hit or miss these days. The Thai food in the frig can be many days old and does not reheat well. Walk a few feet to cafe Vesuvius, this place has the best sandwiches and pizzas in town. I also would suggest Marblehead Munchies for great sandwiches. Shubies is great but a bit pricey.