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Jun 25, 2008 03:52 PM

New Mari Luna

Anyone know when the new Mari Lunas is going to open?

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  1. The new Mari Luna 'LATIN" Grill will probably open sometime in August. The new restaurant will have a totally different menu than the original Mari Luna which will still be open with their regular menu. The new restaurant will feature cuisines from all over South and Central Anerica and the Carribean.

    For what it's worth.... the new retaurant will have a liquor license and a full lounge as well as an open air rooftop deck. The original restaurant will go back to BYOB.

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        Further north on Reisterstown Rd in the old Mr. Chan location.

    1. I just ate at Mari Luna last Sunday night. The food is always very good - especially the fish dishes! I always hope that the Mom and Pop restaurants that expand don't lose any of their quality as they grow.