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Jun 25, 2008 03:46 PM

Need an Asian Market that is easy via MTA

I'm near the L and JMZ trains in Ridgewood. I usually get my kimchi, dumplings etc in Manhattan, at the convenience store on 3rd Ave and 11th street (can remember the name). I'd be glad to shop the outer boroughs but Flushing seems out of the question... that's 3 trains for me... too remote.

Is there a good (and maybe large) Asian market that I can access, with my limited transportation options? I'm near Metropolitan Ave so a bus ride would be okay. But I can't spend an hour on public transportation each way, just to get my kimchi.

If there is a great market in Chinatown that has kimchi in bulk sizes, I'd be glad to get those recommendations, too.

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  1. Just wanted to preface this by saying I don't take buses so I don't know anything about routes, etc. But I'm pretty sure there's a bus route from Ridgewood to Woodside or Jackson Heights, Queens. You've got a Han Ah Rheum around 60th Street and another Korean market on 72nd Street for your kimchi and other Korean food needs. If you walk to 74th, there's also a Chinese market named Pacific.

    1. You can just take the Q58 to Flushing ya know. It's only about 40 minutes by bus.

      1. The same bus goes by enormous Asian markets just above Queens Blvd in Elmhurst.