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Jun 25, 2008 03:21 PM

Silicone Pan Handle Cover/Holder

I've been looking around for a silicone pan handle cover ever since I burned my hand when I touched the handle of my cast iron skillet right after I had taken it out of the oven. I was thinking about getting this one as its carried in store at Linens and Things and Bed Bath and Beyond:

However, I went to the store and tested it out and its far too big to be used on the handle of my cast iron skillet. Also I read some reviewers who said that its too loose and slips easily which could be quite dangerous.

Le Cruset makes one as well but its only available online from BBB. Has anyone used it before?

I was thinking about checking out the local restaurant supply stores as well.


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  1. I have that handle and it fits my cast iron pans. Are you thinking it is too long or too wide? It's definitely not too wide - and if it's too long, just cut it.

    1. I have the Le Creuset version--bought it at an upscale kitchenware store that carries a full line of LC. It fits the handle of my Lodge 12" cast iron pan nicely, and seems to work fine.

      1. When I tried it out at the store I definitely thought it was too long AND too wide for my cast iron skillet. I have a Lodge 12" original (not the professional) with the short teardrop handle. I guess I could cut it, but I'd rather see if I could find something else that fits a little better before doing that.

        Are either of you using pans with a handle like mine?

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          I would look at a restaurant supply store for the ubiquitous blue silicone handles. If it is a tight fit, the silicone grip can be dipped in boiling water to soften it up and make installation easier.

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            It sounds like my Lodge skillet is the same size and style as yours; and as I said above, I find the Le Creuset silicone handle sleeve (part of their "Cool Tool" line) to be an acceptable fit. It's a bit longer than the skillet handle, but it's the correct shape and width, and I don't find the extra length to be a problem. I paid about $8 for it.

            1. re: Miss Priss

              I bought a Le Creuset silicone sleeve to go with my (approx. 10") Le Creuset skillet. I still have to use a potholder with it. The area of the handle near where it joins to the pan still gets very hot, even through the sleeve. I am not strong enough I guess to hold a cast iron skillet full of food with my hand way out at the end of the handle. SIL noticed the same thing with hers.

              1. re: foodstorm

                The silicone sleeve suffices--and in fact is very convenient--if I'm just moving the skillet around on the burner, or tilting it up while one side rests on the burner, or repositioning it in the oven. To move it from one place to another, such as from the stovetop to the oven, I grab the silicone-sleeve-covered handle with one hand and the helper handle with the other (using a mitt or potholder, of course!). If I have to lift the whole skillet into the air one-handed, so as to spoon the contents out with the other, then yes, I definitely need a potholder or a mitt.

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