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Jun 25, 2008 02:59 PM

columbus circle lunch break

I work near the time warner/whole foods building. I don't know the area at all! Where are some good lunch spots?

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  1. Back when I used to go to school nearby, my usual go-to spot is Bouchon Bakery. Personally, I avoid their macarons since it's abnormally humongous and it's terribly chewy. Anyway, their food is very good, albeit a bit pricey option.

    Another place you may want to check out is also a few feet away from Bouchon is Landmarc. If all else fails, go to Whole Foods or just walk around on 9th Avenue since Hell's Kitchen does have several good options. Just search the board.


    1. Alan's Marketplace is a little deli across from Fordham (9th Ave & 60th St.) that make nice hero's and great salads. I also work in the area and go here once a week for a salad. Burrito Box on 9th and 58th also very good. I agree with Tina...lot's of good places as you head further south on 9th. You can hit just about every cuisine between 42nd and 56th streets.

      1. If you want take away food, the Whole Foods hot / salad bars should keep you occupied for a while. Up near Lincoln Center, a short walk away, there's Le Pain Quotidien for good, if painfully overpriced, sandwiches and salads.

        How up- or down-scale do you want to go?

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          cheap and fast, not looking to sit down.