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Jun 25, 2008 02:55 PM

great take-out tamales in Rhinebeck

Since a lot of locals have been raving about the upscale -- and expensive -- tamales at the Farmer's Market, I thought I'd put in a plug for the ones at the Oaxacan store at Spring Brook plaza (the little mini-mall across from the Fair Grounds). They have them only on Sundays but they are really good and very inexpensive (1.50) and they're authentic. I love patronizing a small business like this and would encourage others to do so. They're really nice there and deserve business.

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  1. Thank you for the recommendation.

    I'd also like to recommend the burrito trailer in Red Hook. It's located just north of the intersection of Route's 299 and 9G; right next to the farm stand. They have a large parking area and a large grassy area containing one large picnic table (and umbrella), two benches and a blanket. When I was there, there were about a dozen cars in the lot and people were scattered throughout the grass and also eating in their cars (with the a/c on.

    Besides three types of drinks (soda, water and fruit punch) they offer three food selections consisting of a rice and beans burrito (with and without guacamole) and a cheese quesadilla. Prices range from about $3.50 to 6.50. The portions are huge. I ate half of it for lunch and brought the rest home.

    This was the first time I ordered from a "truck" so I can't compare it to other burritos sold from a vehicle. However, I can definitely say that it was tasty.

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      Friends of mine have RAVED about that truck (and they are Manhattanites with lots of points of comparison. I'm dying to try it!

    2. Great, thanks for the recommendation. I'll stop by on Sunday and get some.

      Also, the name of the burrito trailer at Montgomery Farms is Bubby's Burritos. They are a seasonal business from around Memorial Day to around Labor Day. Sadly for me, a confirmed meat eater, their choices are vegetarian only.


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        Does anyone know of other burrito/taco trucks in the Mid Hudson Valley?