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Jun 25, 2008 02:48 PM

Grilling greens wrapped fish

Looking for some suggestions - I have two wonderful bunches of chard (white & red stems) and people coming for dinner on Sunday.... I promised things from the grill, and I'd like to do fish for the main but in a 'new' way.

Any thoughts on particular fish or shellfish that might work best on the grill wrapped in chard? I've seen recipes for steamed versions of this dish, and on he discusses grilling fish in 'leaves' (i.e. banana, grape, cornhusk) so I imagine this is all possible....

Suggestions are much appreciated!

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  1. I've wrapped salmon with spinach, which I imagine would be similar.

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      I'm thinking something more delicate - even scallops... Altho it also turns out Barramundi is being farmed sustainably here in Massachusetts, so maybe I'll try and find some of that. Given that it's an Australian fish, it's probably been thrown on the 'barbie' a few times!

    2. Tilapia is very easy to use in wrapped preparations. A few herbs, some butter and you're on your way to something wonderful. Just watch the grill temperature - use an aluminum foil shield if necessary - to the wrapping doesn't burn.