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Uh Oh, now I need BBQ places in KC with fish!

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Our bbq trip is next week and now we will have our teen pescatarian with us. It looks like Jack Stacks has fish but not Bryants?? What other Q places have some kind of fish? I hope this doesnt throw a big monkey wrench into our BBQ plan...help!

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  1. I think Jack Stack is your only real option -- they do have a grilled salmon entree and grilled veggie kabobs. I don't think I've seen fish on any other BBQ menu in town, and most side dishes (the last refuge of my vegetarian years) are usually enhanced with a little meat at most BBQ joints.

    1. You could check out BB's Lawnside BBQ - another "joint" with good music and laid-back atmosphere - fun place to hang out. I'd bet they have catfish (fried, of course) and maybe a few other options. Google them to see if you can pull up their menu.

      1. This is a little place in Mission, I really like it and they have salmon and catfish

        1. I agree, Jack Stack is the best option. I have had the trout at the one on Holmes and it was very good.