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Jun 25, 2008 02:32 PM

ISO: Ocean City, MD - B, L & D places

I'll be in Ocean City, MD for Breakfast and Lunch one day in July and would love some really good breakfast and lunch places. I'm big on a great breakfast when I am on vacation. Sometimes breakfast is the only meal until dinner time. It has to be filling and interesting.

Lunch can be something small - even a dive if it is a good dive. Something that has been around for years - good seafood, maybe a crab shack? Or a good hot dog and hamburger joint? We'll be taking the ferry from Cape May and driving from there to Ocean City at night and we need some place along the road. It is going to take about an hour from the ferry to Ocean City.

Any help with local food favorites in Ocean City and on the way to OC would be appreciated.


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  1. My reply to a previous post:

    Hooper's is a great restaurant for seafood. You can also get a beer & bring the cup back for additional beers that are about $2 or so. They have a big restaurant and a tiki type of place there. Very good. You also must get Fisher's Popcorn on the boardwalk, hot and fresh. There are a ton of places that have $2 beer specials, $5.00 lunches, etc. MD is a much more affordable vacation than NJ is. There is a place in Ocean Pines (right up the road) called "The Vineyard" that has a very good happy hour & an incredible brunch on Sunday (or the entire weekend, not sure) for $10.95 a person. Please, take me with you!!!!!!!

        1. General's Kitchen for breakfast.