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Jun 25, 2008 02:17 PM

Multnomah Falls

Heading to the falls from downtown portland. Any suggestions of places to stop for lunch once we're in that area. Any experience with the Multnomah Falls Lodge? quality of food and such. Any foodie places in or around the area worth the drive? Was hoping to find a winery but there doesn't seem to be one.

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  1. Nothing chow-worthy between PDX & Hood River except for wild berries you might find.

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    1. re: Leonardo

      So I should probably eat a large breakfast and try and make it back by dinner

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        Bringing lunch is your best bet for finding good food near Multnomah Falls. if you have the time however is worth the detour. just a bit further down 84 and is a great tour. Edgefields is on the way as well, better than the Falls Lodge .. not by much.

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            Sorry.. Its one of the McMenamins places. brewery/winery/distillery with a few small pub places on the grounds. standard McMenamins fare. so-so pub food and a nice place to check out, fun atmosphere and grounds.

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              The Black Rabbit restaurant at the Edgefield is a notch above their usual pub fare. Plus their winery tasting room is fun to visit.

              We hiked the falls a few weeks ago, and then drove on to Hood River and had lunch at the Full Sail brewpub. It was tasty and the cold fresh beers sure hit the spot.

      2. If it's still there, Tad's Chicken n' Dumplings was a good place. Nothing fancy, just home cooked food

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          Tad's is still there and the food is pretty vile. Go to a nearby park to check out the Sandy River if you want the view.

          1. re: Leonardo

            Since it's called Tad's Chicken and Dumplings, you'd think they would at least do well with the chicken and dumplings. But you would be wrong. Dry overcooked chicken breasts and doughy dumplings.

        2. The lodge has fairly good food, actually. I've only eaten there once but the view is beautiful and the food is good. Not great, but I was surprised that it was as good as it was. You can check out their menu on their website:

          1. Pack a really nice lunch and eat it at one of the picnic tables at Horsetail Falls, which is the next waterfall heading east on the old scenic highway from Multnomah Falls. The soft serve at the snack bar at Multnomah falls is good but nothing else there is too great. Their overpriced brunch on Sunday is edible, but not really worth the money.

            And I agree, Tad's is seriously nasty. Beautiful spot on the river, but don't eat there. ;o)

            1. Definitely not all the way out in there in the Mt. Hood area, but I gotta tell you, when the temperature rises like it has, my taste buds trend toward Mexican and Latin American flavors, especially mariscos. I got a hankering to go to Puerto Marquez out on SE 122nd Ave...