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Jun 25, 2008 01:47 PM

anthos vs. bar room - restaurant week

looking to take a group of girlfriends to dinner for our bi-annual RW excursion.

in the past we've done: bread bar, eleven madison park, nobu, craftbar, perry st., blue smoke, asia de cuba etc.

so we're really just trying to decide between these two. thanks!

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  1. What do you want in terms of atmosphere and what you're girlfriends want to eat in terms of cuisine?

    They're two different restaurants: one slightly more sophisticated in decor (Anthos), while the Bar Room is sleek with a slightly noisier since it's the bar area.

    Service can be a hit or miss at the Bar Room when I went there last year with a friend. Maybe because we went there on a Friday night but I remember a few 'hounders wrote a similar service experience.

    As for food, I'd rather go for the Bar Room since they don't offer a prix fixe deal for lunch or dinner. Anthos does have a prix fixe and they have good options on a normal, non-RW time where service doesn't have to suffer like what I've experienced.

    Hopefully, this would help.


    1. I do not think that Anthos measures up to EMP or Perry St. I don't know which way this cuts, but I've been extremely unimpressed with the prix fixe lunch menu there. With the exception of the lamb burger, you can taste a real difference between regular menu and PF menu dishes. Service is also verrry slow and stressed out / unhappy.

      Haven't tried the Bar Room. If you try it, will you report back?

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      1. Have been to both and suggest Modern over Anthos also.

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          Oohhhh!! OP meant the Modern Bar Room? I didnt' realize. I have been there, and I very much prefer that, as well. Also, I hear they don't skimp on the restaurant week menu.

        2. Im going to Anthos this year, but did the bar room last summer and LOVED it. IMO, one of he best rest. week meals ive had. hopefully Anthos will be as good :)

          1. I've been to these for r-week and was really impressed with both. I do remember wishing there was more choice on the Anthos menu, as the regular menu offered so many delicious looking options. The lamb shank was huge though and there were a lot of complimentary items like olives and spreads, which was great. (Although an aside on lamb shanks - I find that I always get shamefully tired of the lamb shank taste about halfway through the dish in question that I'd started to avoid it; I was proved wrong on this the other night at Centro Vinoteca, surprisingly, where it was absolutely delicious the whole way through.) Portions at the Modern were smaller but I think the atmosphere is probably more fun for a girls night out there than at Anthos.